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An amateur sports insurance policy covers individuals and athletes participating in sports events at amateur levels and venues where these events are hosted.  An insurance plan protects policyholders from liabilities and issues during the time of amateur sporting events.

Many community teams officiate and play amateur sports.
From softball practices to football, amateur sports players take part in competitions.

While enjoying the game, they are subject to becoming injured serval times throughout a match.
Sometimes suffering an injury means you cannot go to work or that you may lose your regular source of income.

On the other hand, accidents and issues during sporting events can financially affect hosts and owners of sporting venues.

Below is how an amateur sports insurance plan can help both amateur sports players and event organisers.

1. It Protects Both Parties – Players and Organisers
An amateur sports insurance policy protects both types of policyholders  – amateur players taking part in a competition and individuals hosting the event. A suitable plan covers the policyholder against liabilities and issues during the time of an event.

2. It Comes as a Tailored PolicyAmateur sports insurance
The insurance policy type is a cutting-edge solution for modern age sports-related issues.
It can protect a team, one member, or a group of organisers. If you are an amateur rugby player, then there is a rugby player insurance plan to meet your policy requirement. It can be tailored considering several aspects, including:

  • Income loss due to injury
  • Cancellation loss
  • Sports-related accidents

3. It Supports Multiple Industries
Although it is an insurance plan for amateur athletes,it is a personalised option for multiple industries as well. For example, if a park or stadium is going to host various sporting events, the policy works as insurance for a sports player. Under this insurance plan, participants and volunteers are protected. They can be children, youth, or adults.

4. It is a Package for Sporting Clubs, Groups, and Associations
Local communities with their sporting clubs or local groups that host sports events can get sports camp insurance to protect their sports centres. It suits the coverage needs for sports risks, such as participation liability, member liability, and professional indemnity for officials and coaches.

5. It Works as Accident Insurance
Amateur athletes are more prone to injuries than experienced players.
This is because when you play a game for fun, you do not know how to remain as safe as professionals who have devoted their lives to a sport. In this way, you are always at risk of suffering an injury. The right amateur sports insurance policy offers medical expense coverage and rehabilitation.

6. It is Effective in Case of Sports Liability
The insurance policy offers coverage to members who are found negligent in their assigned role to provide safety to participants and spectators. It helps protect a business and lets organisers focus on making safe venues for players and audience.

7. It Protects Directors & Officers
In addition to player accident insurance, an amateur sports insurance policy protects a venue’s directors against government acts and regulations. Here, the issues can be related to health and safety, pollution, practices, and others.

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