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What is Aerial Yoga Insurance?

Aerial yoga, also known as ‘anti-gravity yoga’ is a new fitness trend taking the world by storm. Deriving from yoga, dance, pilates, and calisthenics, aerial yoga involves using a silky fabric hammock to invert, stretch, and strengthen while being suspended in the air.
Aerial Yoga InsuranceSounds fun, right?
The hammock supports forward and back bending and can provide a total body workout minus the overstressing and compression of the joints and vertebrae. As well as being a great form of exercise, aerial yoga is a great way to boost your energy as your body releases loads of endorphins when you’re hanging upside down in your silky cocoon.

But in addition to all the wonderful benefits aerial yoga offers, there is a higher level of risk involved with exercising in a suspended hammock.

Do I need Aerial Yoga Instructor insurance?

Fitness, yoga, and dance studios have insurance coverage in place to protect the business and its customers, but what many business owners don’t realise is that aerial yoga requires a specialised insurance policy due to being a higher risk activity.

It doesn’t matter how experienced a teacher is or how carefully they prepare the equipment for an aerial yoga class, accidents and injuries can happen… even to the most experienced aerial yoga practitioners. Students could twist their ankle while trying to get into a pose, collide with another student while swinging in the hammock or fall out and land on their head. Although serious injuries in aerial yoga are rare, it’s not worth the risk of being unprepared for injuries and accidents.
Aerial yoga insurance covers against accidents, injury, property damage and liability, giving instructors the peace of mind to teach a higher risk fitness activity. Aerial yoga insurance policies usually cover general and public liability to protect instructors against claims for professional mistakes, misconduct or negligence.
Some aerial yoga policies also cover other aerial activities such as silks and hoops. It’s also worth noting that the type of policy you need will depend on whether you’re a fitness/dance/yoga studio owner or a self-employed instructor. Self-employed instructors usually teach in multiple locations, and it’s highly recommended to take out your own policy to ensure you’re covered wherever you teach.

How much does Aerial Yoga Instructor Insurance cost?

Aerial yoga insurance usually starts at around $350. However, there are several variables such as the number of students, the age of the students and the amount of equipment you have. It’s definitely worth getting in touch to get a more accurate quote. 

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