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Personal Trainer Insurance PolicyAre you a personal trainer whose daily schedule gets fully loaded with many clients wishing to obtain your professional services? If this profession requires you to be up and on the go on a daily basis going to client’s houses and other fitness training centers, I suggest you consider getting a comprehensive personal trainer insurance policy. Let me share with you some facts about the different protection coverage you can get from an insurance company.

Who is an ideal candidate for a personal trainer insurance policy?

Anyone offering their services as a personal trainer, regardless if you do it as a freelance job or are employed by a fitness centre or gym, you are at risk if you don’t have a Personal Trainer Insurance Policy should something go wrong.

Why do I need to get a personal trainer insurance policy?

Although, it’s not mandatory to have a personal trainer insurance policy, this decision entirely depends on you, your budget and the amount of clients you work with each day. The personal trainer insurance will keep you protected against all unavoidable events that could lead to your own injury while reporting to your client’s house or part-time job at a local fitness center or your client being injured while doing a routine under your guidance. If any of these events happened without insurance, you may face bigger expenses on medical bills, liability claims from your client that could lead to court proceedings and worst case scenario you could lose everything. If you are covered with a Personal Trainer Insurance Policy, all your worries are taken care of by the insurance company and if you go through a specialist insurance broker they will handle your claim as well.

Is the personal trainer insurance policy expensive?

No, paying for your Personal Trainer Insurance Policy isn’t that expensive. Especially when you look at the fact that a few hundred dollars per year could save you thousands in the event of a claim when looking at possible legal fees and medical bills. This insurance gives you the confidence to work beyond the limit and still feel every inch safe and secured that if something bad happens during the workout training with your clients, you have a stable insurer to back you up with all your financial needs.

What are the different types of liability coverage?

There are two types of liability coverage: general liability and professional liability coverage. Under the general liability, the individual is covered for any issues that may arise due to the nature of your work like giving fitness training as well as advice in nutrition as part of the program. In the event a client falls and injures themselves while under your care or because of something you are responsible for providing you have the public liability coverage, you can expect financial assistance from your insurance company.

With the professional liability coverage, the extent of your protection includes any direct advice and recommendations by you resulting in an accident or injury to a client. Litigation fees including settlement are covered under this type of coverage.

Who can help you make a wise choice on your insurance policy?

With the professional guidance of a licensed insurance broker, such as Gym Insurance HQ, you can be assured that you are on the right path of choosing the perfect Personal Trainer Insurance Policy that will give you that protection you need as you carry on doing your career as a personal trainer. By having the experience of the team at Gym Insurance HQ working for you to get the best Personal Trainer Insurance Policy, you will know that you are covered against all risks and can concentrate on your business. Call our team today on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote and we will call you back.