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 Body sculpting instructor insurance AustraliaFrom rock-hard barely-there abs to well-formed biceps, firm behind and glorious gams, many women dream of a perfectly toned body. Geared with their body sculpting instructor insurance Australia policies, it comes as no wonder why many strength and conditioning professionals are flocking to this fitness market segment nowadays, but while body sculpting is known to deliver the benefits that women dreamt of having in their lifetime, there are certain worries that put shackles on their feet preventing them from pursuing such fantastic regimen.
Training with weights does not always mean becoming Hulk Hogan’s fraternal twin. There is more to the regimen than just be increasing lean muscle mass. Here, let’s check some of the myths commonly lamented by professional trainers:
1.Doing weights will make you bulkier, almost Hulk-like. If Science is to be believed, women lack the testosterone men produces. Competitive women body builders have to take anabolic steroids to actually develop their masculine structure. A few hours doing deadlifts, kettlebell swings or dumbbells will not create Popeye arms out of you. If you want to have a cellulite-free body, body sculpting is the way to go.
2.Doing weights will make you rigid, stiff and virtually, frigid. First thing first, all forms of exercise release endorphins, the feel-good hormone. When one feels good, so does sexual relations. Being rigid and stiff is also nowhere near body sculpting exercises. In fact, exercises like dumbbell presses, deadlifts or chin-ups are done to improve one’s flexibility and range of motion.
3.Doing weights can turn fat into muscle and stopping will turn it back into hard-to-demolish fatty deposits. This is pseudoscience. Fat is burn via aerobics, muscles are formed by weight training. Stopping at some point will not melt muscles and turn them into fats. Muscles simply lose it firmness and can be restored again with proper weight training exercise.
4.Doing weights allow one to eat virtually anything. A fodder for debates, professional body sculpting instructors have always pointed to the science of personal metabolism when it comes to this. There are others with high metabolic rates though allowing them to eat anyway they want and not tip the hands on a weighing scale. To tone muscles faster, however, proper diet must be observed to achieve results.
5.Body sculpting can be hard to attain when one is working or doing business full time. Not so. There are various online weight training programme nowadays being offered by professional body sculpting instructors. Some gyms are also open 24 hours with night time schedules to accommodate busybodies who don’t have the time in the morning. Basically, the industry is brimming with opportunities for women to be able to improve their physique.
Without a doubt, developing a healthier, more toned physique can be a challenge to most women. Add to that the usual myths and backward thinking some people inject, and the fitness segment tend to be pushed and pulled in various directions. As a trainer, geared with an appropriate certification and the right body sculpting instructor insurance Australia coverage, debunking this myths will help open interested women to finally take the plunge.