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Management Liability InsuranceYour reputation as a professional Boot Camp instructor is as important as earning a regular income. As you increase your scope of Boot Camp training workshops it’s also crucial that you are covered by a reliable insurance policy so that when there is a need to urgently file a claim you are confident the insurance company will be there to offer support. So, how do you fast track the processing of your insurance claim? Below is a guide on how to file your Boot Camp instructor insurance claim:

  • Evaluate the situation and call for immediate assistance

If you are holding one of your summer Boot Camp training workshops at a nearby gym and someone was injured, your instinct will tell you to evaluate the situation and call for immediate assistance from the medical team. Make sure you also write an incident report for future reference in the event the injured individual will file a claim.

  • Notify your insurer

Even if you are preoccupied with many responsibilities after the accident, don’t forget to notify your insurer. Give full details of the incident including documents or photos to support your insurance claim. If you hired a licensed broker for your Boot Camp instructor insurance let him or her do the required paperwork for the processing of your claim.

  • Talk to an adjuster

Most insurance companies have insurance adjusters who are responsible to investigate the validity of damages reported. When filing an insurance claim you will have to work with an insurance adjuster. Expect the adjuster to visit the place where the incident occurred. For example, if you are claiming loss of gym tools and equipment the adjuster will perform a thorough investigation and gather enough information. This information will be used by the insurance company to validate their authenticity before releasing your claim.

How to reduce the percentage of greater risk for your profession

If you want to reduce the likelihood of putting your profession as a Boot Camp instructor at greater risk of filing an insurance claim, follow these safety measures when holding a Boot Camp training workshop:

  • Observe the highest level of professionalism while conducting your Boot Camp sessions.

  • Require all your Boot Camp enrollees to wear the appropriate workout attire.

  • Proper handling of tools and equipment used for your Boot Camp training workshop.

  • Ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition when driving to your Boot Camp site.

  • Implement strict rules regarding the overall safety of your enrollees during the entire duration of the Boot Camp training workshop.

Filing your Boot Camp instructor insurance claim can be time consuming but if you have already worked with a dependable licensed broker you can always rely on his or her assistance to sort out this issue. Make sure you provide all the necessary documents and proof that will support your insurance claim. Don’t prolong your agony when an unavoidable incident happens during your Boot Camp training workshop. Stay focused; call your licensed broker for professional advice on what to do at that most challenging moment of your career as a Boot Camp instructor.

The team at Gym Insurance HQ are ready and waiting to help you with all your Boot Camp Instructor insurance needs. we are experienced in the fitness industry and are affiliated with 170+ insurers so are bin a great position to help you find insurance that is tailored to your needs. Call us on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote.