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Fitness Boot Camp Insurance
How extensive is the protection coverage of your cheap Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy? If you aren’t fully aware of the exact coverage of your newly purchased Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy, I’m going to share with you the common types of protection you receive under a liability coverage:

  • Legal fees and court expenses

Yes, this is definitely one of the financial supports you are entitled to if you chose the liability insurance coverage; your insurance company will pay for the legal fees and other court expenses you would have to pay while undergoing court litigation proceedings.

  • Settling fees

There are instances where your legal representative may negotiate for a settlement that will be more advantageous for you and your insurer. If this is the action taken by your solicitor, the fees that your liability coverage will extend to financial assistance including settlement fees, court expenses and whatever amount is decided as part of your payment for damages.

  • Loss in a lawsuit cases

In the event the court finds you guilty, you are expected to pay for the third party’s damages such as: bills for his or her medical expenses, compensation for days he or she is unable to work as well as the fees for their legal representative. If you are covered with a liability insurance policy these expenses will be paid by your insurer.

Are there limitations of coverage?

If you have a cheap Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy, I strongly advise you ask the insurer to discuss the limitations of your protection coverage with you. Keep in mind, the protection coverage of your insurance policy may differ from a comprehensive type of insurance policy. So it’s crucial you have a clear understanding of your policy’s limitations. Ask the following questions of your insurance provider:

  • How much is the liability coverage of your cheap Fitness Boot Camp insurance policy?

  • How much is the deductible/excess that you will be required to pay? That is, how much are you liable for before the insurer will pay?

Is there a chance my insurer will not cover a claim?

If you are found guilty or have violated a law, your insurer may decide not to cover your insurance claim. In fact, if you purposely mislead the insurer they may decide not to support you in any similar claim in the future.

How to get the most of your cheap fitness Boot Camp insurance policy

Even if you are only covered with a cheap Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy, in every respect you are given protection, but with limitations. If you want to know more about the exact protection coverage of your Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy, request a one-on-one meeting with your insurance provider. Be sure the person discussing your policy explains all the terms and conditions that will affect any insurance claim in the future. If you are still not confident with your insurer explanations, seek the services of a licensed insurance broker for guidance when buying a Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy.

Gym Insurance HQ are experienced in the fitness/gym insurance sector and sre available to help you with advice and quotes for all the different types of insurance you will need under your Fitness Boot Camp Insurance policy. Call our friendly team today on 1300 815 344 or go online and one of our brokers will call you back.