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Are you a professional Fitness Trainer? Have you got yourself a Cheap Fitness Professional Insurance policy? If not yet, perhaps you will be interested reading about the Fitness Professional Insurancedifferent types of insurance policies suited for personal Fitness Trainers like you. So take your time and carefully read the information shared here.

Professional Indemnity

As a professional Fitness Trainer, your job often entails clients’ special workout programs. There are instances where you will create an exercise program to suit a client’s targeted fitness goal. When this happens you will be giving advice and recommendations which, in some cases, could result in accidents that are not your own fault. You might face a complaint from your client due to the following:

  • Personal injury due to wrong advise you’ve given as a personal trainer

  • Ineffective fitness workout plan

  • Misleading advice about some health products or meals preparation

  • Inappropriate behaviour

If you aren’t covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy, you have no protection against the above events occurring while doing your job as a professional Fitness Trainer.

Public liability

If you are offering your services as an independent Personal Trainer you are required to get an insurance policy to cover this type of business, especially if you are holding fitness classes outdoors or at a fitness centre. The type of insurance you will most likely be advised to have by an insurance company, is public liability cover. This protection covers any future claims resulting from unavoidable accidents incurred by third parties such as your students or clients. For example, if one of your students accidentally slips on the floor while doing a workout and incurs a fracture, you might be held liable to pay for the medical bills. If you are covered with a cheap Fitness Professional Insurance you have assurance that a portion of such claim will be resolved by your insurer.

Business insurance

If you have been a professional Personal Trainer for a long time you’ve probably invested in expensive fitness and gym equipment for your fitness workout programs. I strongly advise you talk to a licensed insurance broker for a quote for business insurance protection that covers potential damage, loss or theft of your equipment including other products you offer clients.

Personal accident

Going to your clients houses could leave you exhausted and might lead to accident, especially if you are driving. Another type of insurance that you should consider for your career as a Personal Trainer is personal accident cover where the protection extends to your personal injury incurred or illness you may have developed while doing your job. The days you are required to stay in bed or get medical treatment will be compensated by your chosen insurer if you decide to get a cheap Fitness Professional Insurance policy.

What are the top questions you can ask a licensed insurance broker before buying an insurance policy?

  • Can you come up with a customised insurance package to suit my specific needs as a professional Fitness Trainer?

  • Can I easily amend my existing policy when my needs change?

  • Who will assist me when I need to file an insurance claim?

I hope you have found this topic enlightening when it comes to your choices of insurance products. If you can’t decide now whether to buy Cheap Fitness Professional Insurance or go for a comprehensive insurance policy, I suggest you contact a licensed broker to give you professional advice.

Gym Insurance HQ can help guide you through and explain all the different insurances that you may need and give you options on different levels of coverage for your Cheap Fitness Professional Insurance. Cal our team on 1300 815 344 or you can go online and we will call you back.