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There are risks involved in any amateur sport, and cheerleading is no different. As a combination of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics, cheerleading often sees members of the team launched high into the air and caught by their peers.
Needless to say, cheerleading can be a physically exerting sport. 
Thorough training and rehearsals are crucial in cheerleading to ensure proper safety measures are followed and to prevent injury.
There’s always loads to cheer about – until someone gets hurt. Having a good cheerleading insurance policy is vital to ensure your cheer team is on top of their game.
cheerleading travel insurance

What does cheerleading travel insurance cover?

As well as the standard travel insurance coverage for reimbursement of travel costs and medical cover, cheerleading insurance covers cheerleaders in youth and adult teams and leagues for personal accidents and injuries that may prevent you from working.
Personal injury encompasses three key areas: non-medicare medical and care benefits, loss of income benefits and capital benefits. 
Cheerleading insurance can also cover you for personal liability to cover any legal expenses to settle any claims made against you. For example, if you were involved in an accident that resulted in someone else getting injured.

How much does cheerleading travel insurance cost?

Cheerleading travel insurance usually starts from around $100 per person, but a premium is usually considerably cheaper for group coverage.

What is cheerleading club insurance?

Cheerleading club insurance is much like personal cheerleading insurance, except it covers all of the elected members of a cheer team. It provides cover for travel, personal accidents, personal liability for any practice or performance, whether a team is training, traveling, or competing in a local or national performance.
Cheerleading club insurance can also cover equipment damage and general public liability. This type of cover protects a whole team for litigation costs as a result of legal claims made alleging third-party injury or property damage. 
For example, you would be covered if a spectator was injured or the facility you rent for cheer training is damaged while you’re practicing drills.
Whether you are a cheerleading club, training program, league or larger cheer organization, cheerleading club insurance can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your team.

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