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Group exercise instructor insuranceWhen it comes to gym workouts, people come and go as they please and with new gyms sprouting in Australia over the past 3 years, competition has also become tough. There are dance based group training, body sculpting, cross training, etc and each year new regimen is concocted igniting the so-called “gym wars” leading to more satisfaction in gym policies and guidelines. While there are sensible ones who obtain group exercise instructor insurance, it cannot be helped that risks continue to hound gym businesses as well as private trainers. However, a simple health screening could have been one’s saving grace.

Perceived Challenges
Even a fun Zumba routine can turn deadly to someone with hypertension, thyroid problems, diabetes and heart ailment. Even more so when one desires to engage in turbo-charged workout routines like weightlifting, cross training, circuit training, Muay Thai or kickboxing, and so on. As the intensity of workout regimen increases, so does the risks of injuries and other incidents for legal remedies.

Therefore, health screening is primarily required by commercial gyms, but sometimes avoided by group exercise instructors. It is common knowledge that some athletes tend to resist this policy as they believe it to be arduous to visit a doctor. With competition running among the fitness realm, the tendency is to ignore this policy and instead focus on beefing up group exercise instructor insurance coverage to the disappointment of insurers and gym owners.

Health Screening Perks
Both trainer and trainees, however, are shortchanging themselves without health screening in place. Skip getting one will only increase the likelihood of a low-quality training design, increased probability for injuries on the part of the trainee and legal upheavals on the part of the trainer. Health screenings when done religiously, including annual updates, aim to identify not just health conditions of trainees in your group exercise program but also to factor risks on certain activities to be done.

Though health screenings do not just help gym owners and trainers in lowering possibility of legal battles due to injuries resulting in an insurance liability suit, it also helps group exercise instructors decide what activities to include or exclude in their program. In most cases, these fitness specialists will find modifications or new form of exercise programs suited for everyone. Thorough analysis of your current health standing and medical history will help guarantee a safer, more effective training program.

Do not be intimated with the idea of prospects shying away from your training program due to health screening requirement. Even with a sound gym insurance or group exercise instructor insurance policy in place, it is still sensible to come up with a health history form for trainees to submit along with doctor’s clearance or medical certificate. This is for the trainees’ safety and only as a risk mitigating factor on your end.