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Online Group training insuranceNow that you have a license to do personal training, it is high time to consider opening your studio for group classes. Though an unregulated profession, being a fitness trainer can be quite a challenge. You do not only need to get proper certification from certain agencies in Australia, you need to also develop a following to be able to gain traction in your career and a group training insurance online-acquired policy to give your profession a safety net. But you may be asking, why small group training?
Small group training is the current catchphrase in today’s online training program as well as in actual gyms. Think about hustling a group of friends as they share a common fitness goal. Instead of the usually crowded 10 to 20 gymgoers, reducing the participants to your training up to 5 or 7 people is currently the trend these days. Here are the reasons why:

  • Managing fewer people means giving more personal attention. You can easily pinpoint wrong form and don’t have to contend with so many people to teach about proper technique, reps, tempo, and the likes. As an instructor, it is essential for you to be able to identify and correct these mistakes to prevent injuries and guarantee results.
  • This is more economical for your trainees and, in that regards, more fitness enthusiast’s sign-ups will be enjoyed. What good is paying hundreds of dollars only to end up with nothing. With a more focused group, each training session is very well worth the money.
  • No more workout plateau! The best thing about going the personal training route in a small group is that there will be a variety of workouts to enjoy. Personal trainers know precisely that focusing on a single regimen will not only curtail achieving one’s fitness goals but it will also result in burnout or worse, plateau. To keep a group on their toes, always craft variety of programmes.
  • Small group training does not only encourage much better focus, it also ensures camaraderie and fun, even when done online. What many gym trainers do these days is train a small group in actual setting and then, livestream it to subscribers nationwide. This makes interaction in real time allowing fostering of ties and the feeling of relating to others who share the same fitness goals as everyone.
  • Motivation is at its best when working out with an equally determined tribe. While it is a personal trainer’s role to find ways, and means in motivating trainees to realize their goals, small group training helps to amplify such by way of having people pushing each other to do better, to try a little harder, and to never stop until they reach their target. If two heads are better than one, what more with 5 to 7 heads all working together for a goal?
  • Enjoy less risk for injuries. Working out with a small group allows not just more focused attention from personal trainers. Having your tribe work alongside you will also give you extra set of eyes to ensure that you stick to the program.