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Gym Insurance HQ can assist you with all your gym and fitness industry finance needs, with access to a large range of general and specialist finance companies in Australia.

Our fitness industry finance division can make applying for finance easier than ever and with rates considerably lower than you may expect.

Some of the ways we can help streamline your application process include:7027601297_5e90a918e2_b[1]

  • No financials for those who have held an ABN for 2 years and own their own home.
  • Ability to take previous monthly payment history and organise finance to the same monthly repayment amount without financials.
  • Ability to use new contracts as proof of income, even without prior income.
  • Rent to own solutions.

The fitness industry is a specialist area of commercial finance, all too often we see people in need of finance quickly to capitalise on business opportunities. Banks, domestic lenders and even non-specialised commercial brokers are not aware or don’t have access to the vast range of products in the market designed to allow you to buy vehicles, equipment or expand quickly, without the hassle of complex and drawn out application processes.

To see how Gym Insurance HQ can help with your Gym finance needs contact us on 1300 815 344 or Online.