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Gym Insurance HQ can assist you with all your personal finance needs with access to the largest personal lenders and mortgage providers in Australia.d0fe2d5ea77a2bed2fc4fda24f5feec5[1]

Our specialist lending managers can assist you with your Home Loans enquiries whether an employee or self-employed.

For employees in the fitness industry, we can access some of the most competitive rates in the market from leading lenders with your choice of options to suit your needs which can include:

  • Offset Accounts
  • Redraw Facilities
  • Linked Credit Cards
  • 40 Year repayment periods plus many more

For self-employed fitness professionals, we are aware that like most business owners, you have probably structured your expenses and income to be as tax effective as possible. Unfortunately many lenders fail to appreciate that whilst your taxable income may be low it is simply because of the costs being charged back through your business, and that these business expenses need to be added back to your income to get a real understanding of your financial position.

Besides having a panel of insurers who appreciate the intricacies of small business, we are also able to arrange low doc and no doc loans should this be a better solution for your needs.

To see how Gym Insurance HQ can save you on your mortgage or help you with Home Loans to get into a new place, please contact our fitness specialist finance brokers on 1300 815 344.