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Adelaide Gym insuranceEvery gym owner or manager in Adelaide may have experienced getting around irritating people inside the gym. Think about selfish, vain, inconsiderate or entitled people who seem to have the word “annoying” plastered on their forehead. Gym owners or even other patrons of the gym see them, too. The equipment abusers, dumbbells or kettlebells thief, poor hygiene, and anything that can easily earn the ire of other people. While novice gymgoers are forgivable, there are a whole lot of experienced but nonetheless crazies out there that will make one think of getting a gym insurance Adelaide policy twice over.
With social media and making things go viral online continually cast a threat to your gym’s reputation, it is essential to find a way around these irritating behaviors. The gym business is quite competitive and one post on Twitter or Facebook can easily turn into a ball of frustration. Here, let’s identify the common crazies in the gym that will make you think twice about the type of coverage you want for your insurance policy.

  • The Dumbbell Deserter. He’s buff. He’s done it repeatedly. He literally wants you to rip your hair off if given the chance. This one sets every dumbbell he can find around him as if he has a special workout designed just for them then, proceed on leaving them after he’s done with a few sets and he goes around for kettlebells, and so on and so forth. It is best to place some sort of reminder inside the gym itself. Paint it in your wall for everyone to see, including the hoarder-deserter.
  • The Hoarder. It’s not just dumbbells or kettlebells, some people also hoard on both equipment and space. They tend to move in and seem to have no reason of getting out. They come in doubles or in a group of three to five. They will stay on one side of the gym and unwittingly do not allow others in. It poses no problem if there’s spare equipment. The sad thing is that these crazies normally attack the usual; leg press, squat rack, bench press, and so on. It would be best to engage gym members every now and then on proper propriety. An email reminder or perhaps, daily word of wisdom on your entrance hall will do the trick.
  • The Bomb. This one can literally send other gymgoers scurrying for dear life. While farting may be expected in some serious weight lifting sessions, there is just no excuse for fatal body odors. Imagine yourself gasping for dear breath while doing a rigorous set with a person who smells like a dead rat and you’ll be retching like there’s no tomorrow. So again, regular engagement on good hygiene, including oral, would suffice.
  • The T-Rex. He’s one of those sly T-Rex Tyles who believe that they have the place all to themselves. A gym bag goes to the bench press. A towel in another and then, water bottle stacked on top of weight plates. He’s literally marked various areas inside a gym as his territory vis-a-vis his workout routine. The stuff being left behind, by the way, are magnets for disaster. So always remind gym members to not leave any personal belonging when they’re not around.