liability specialist insurance companies in Australia.

Gym Insurance HQ

Gym Insurance HQ can assist you with all your fitness industry liability insurance needs with access to the largest range of general and liability specialist insurance companies in Australia.

The fitness industries liability insurance needs are unique in regards to the various activities that can be undertaken including contact sports, activities at height and facilities that operate without staff present to prevent.


Our panel of insurers provide cover that is second to none, with very few conditions, limitations or exclusions, which unfortunately are now standard in most of our competitors’ products. If you have ever been told you are not covered for a business activity and that it is the norm, chances are we can include coverage.

As an added benefit to having access to some of the broadest policies in the market, our prices are consistently cheaper than alternate providers, training organisations and associations with premium savings of 45% being common.

The fitness industry liability policies we offer also come standard with professional indemnity extensions, to ensure not only your actions but also your advice are covered.

To see how cheap gym public liability can be, and the benefits of dealing with a fitness industry liability insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or online HERE.


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