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Gym Insurance HQ can assist you with all your fitness industry worker’s compensation insurance needs with access to the largest range of worker’s compensation Filing Physical Injury Claiminsurance companies in Australia.



    Key things to remember

    Workers compensation insurance

    Workers compensation insurance is a minefield with every state having a separate system and legislation. A few of the key things to remember with worker’s compensation are:

    • If you employ any PAYG staff you MUST legally have worker’s compensation insurance.
    • Contract staff (ABN holders), generally still legally require you to cover them under worker’s compensation due to definition of worker under the various states worker’s compensation legislation. Please also note Superannuation also typically needs to be paid as guidelines are similar.
    • If you are a sole operator, but operate under a company structure, the company will also need to hold worker’s compensation, otherwise it will be in breach and as the director you will be in breach.

    you are best covered by income protection.

    Please also note that under this scenario, it is quite possible that worker’s compensation will not respond to a worker’s compensation claim, and you are best covered by income protection.

    • Premiums are generally regulated so there is generally little, to no variation between insurers premiums.
    • Many worker’s compensation insurers now also seek reimbursement from the employer under liability / management liability policies.

    Gym Insurance HQ can assist you in sorting through your worker’s compensation requirements, ensuring you are getting the right coverage to meet your needs at the right price.

    To see the benefits of dealing with a fitness industry workers compensation insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or online HERE.

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