24 Hour Gym Insurance

24 hour gyms are becoming increasingly popular in order to provide more flexibility and cater to people with different schedules. But with around-the-clock opening times and unstaffed hours comes a much higher level of risk.

If you run a 24 hour gym, how can you ensure your building, equipment and patrons are safe and covered in the event of an accident or claim? 

As well as implementing the necessary security and risk mitigation precautions (which is essential for a policy to be approved), it’s important to ensure you have comprehensive 24 hour gym insurance to cover you against the risks.

What Insurance Do I need for a 24 Hour Gym?

24 hour gym insurance is designed specifically for gyms that operate unstaffed hours. A 24 hour gym insurance package can be tailored to meet your needs including:

Why Choose Gym Insurance HQ?

At Gym Insurance HQ, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your gym business and the unique risks you face. Our specialist brokers will work with you to develop a comprehensive insurance solution that covers all areas of your gym operations.

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