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BodyCombat Fitness Insurance | Gym Insurance HQEver heard of BodyCombat? To many Lesmills bodyjam instructors, this workout routine is definitely one of the most effective gym workout routine for everyone to enjoy– particularly women. Unlike other exercise programs, this routine offers the best of both worlds– fitness and self-defense. Les Mills BodyCombat combines various disciplines in Martial Arts ranging from Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing and the likes, with a solid cardio program. It’s fast-paced, rigorous, effective and addicting, and yes, according to Lesmills bodyjam instructor insurance Australia specialists, it’s a magnet for injuries and insurance claims.

Of Injuries and Risks

For gym-goers and fitness looking for excitement, the BodyCombat routine is a welcome incentive. It’s challenging and fast-paced. With music blaring on the background, every move one takes has that added depth. Just an hour of this workout routine will keep instructors and students alike be drenched in sweat and a lot of calories and fats burned off their girth. But with every muscle in the body pushed to their limits, injuries and risks are also crowding around a personal trainer. To this, Lesmills bodyjam instructor insurance Australia online specialists note the need to ensure protection not just for that gym equipment, but also for claims and lawsuits emanating from unplanned injuries and accidents.

In as much as it allows student-clients to sweat like there’s no tomorrow and achieve their goals fast, the risks can also be great with a BodyCombat workout. The gruelling workout is designed to use every sinewy muscle on your body and this leaves no room for mistakes else excruciating pain and injuries can cut one’s chance of enjoying results. It’s fun, no doubt about it. But fun can easily turn into frustration and, if risks are not properly addressed, can even lead to disasters. This is something that gym owners and personal trainers must always inculcate in their minds– offering programs that guarantee results but without sacrificing business protection and safety.

Gym + Instructor Insurance

Running a gym and managing Les Mills BodyCombat or even BodyJam personal instructors can be tough challenge. Australia Lesmills bodyjam instructor insurance specialists reiterated that for you to ensure success without any hitch to your business, insurance protection must be carefully dissected. You need to ensure that the gym and your people are protected from any claims and lawsuits emanating from injuries or accidents while working out. At the same, you must also beef up safety net for every routine and every corner of your gym to protect your members and clients.

If you don’t have gym insurance now or if your personal trainers offering Les Mills BodyJam or BodyCombat workout do not have it, consider reaching out to us so we can dissect further what protection your overall business needs. We can customise gym and Lesmills bodyjam instructor insurance for Australian entities at their request. So, call us right now and we’ll help build a protective mechanism for your business to ensure its success.