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Online Personal Trainer Insurance: Addressing Virtual Liability

personal trainer insurancePersonal Trainer Insurance

Time is of essence. To busybodies, visiting a gym or running around the block can be both a nuisance making them live such sedentary lives. Luckily, the Internet, live streaming, and video conferencing happen– and along with that online personal training. For a go-getter looking for extra income, becoming a personal training prove to bring in comfort, convenience and advantages. Now, they can train someone workout routines right at the comfort of their own office or home or hotels when on vacation. While productive and convenient, this highly in demand segment of the fitness industry carries significant risks that an online personal trainer insurance can help.

Liability Focused Insurance

Like its predecessor, online personal trainer insurance is a safety net for fitness trainers who decide to shift their profession to the virtual realm. Unlike personally handling a client’s training allowing you direct access to proper posture, actions, stretches, and so on to be done, virtual reality can only do so much to ensure safety of your client always. When a workout training’s not done accordingly, it can result to injuries or chronic pain or worse, bodily damage leading to expensive legal battles. At times, this may also mean revoking your license as an accredited personal trainer leaving you virtually with nothing.

Personal trainer insurance online is a liability-based policy. Online trainers often are advised to obtain both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. General liability insurance usually handles claims of bodily injury from third party, which can be quite aplenty as virtual training can be a tough act to follow. Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, will help counter any claims of negligence and loss of personal information. It is also designed to protect you from any carelessness or mistakes done wherein a client sued you for malpractice.

Mitigating Risks

Beyond getting an online personal trainer insurance policy, however, it is also imperative to mitigate risks and ensure safety of your client. Personal trainers main goal is to improve the lives of those who reached out to them for help in reshaping their unhealthy lifestyle. It is therefore part of your obligation to ensure client safety. Since clients can sue you for anything they believe deprive them of their own safety, it is also your duty to mitigate such risks and to protect yourself from any malicious intent or the eventual downfall of your personal training business.

To counter this, it is important to secure a waiver and require health screening for a client. A medical doctor’s certificate confirming his or her condition will also be handy. These two should be done prior to prescribing an online training workout regimen and must be done as accurately as possible. Be reminded that you will be dealing with someone who may be living on the other side of the world and by signing a waiver, they are releasing you from liability and accept subsequent risks outlined on the waiver form. However, this still can be contested in court so make sure to an online personal trainer insurance handy to help address this. Remember, no matter how diligent and careful you are or your client, accidents can still happen. So, it is wise to be ready knowing that your back is covered 100 percent of the time.

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