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Online trainer academy insurance in AustraliaWith more and more people getting into health and fitness, so does the surge for online training demands. These are the very same people who want to do something good to their body even when they’re traveling or even when at work. When there’s just no time to go to a gym, the Internet has a solid remedy to squeeze much-needed workout into one’s crazy-busy schedule. If you’re aspiring to become an online personal trainer, finding the right way to promote your training programme can be quite challenging. Armed with your online trainer academy insurance and certificate of accreditation, it is time to check some of the most successful ones on the net today.
Whether in Australia, the UK, US or Hong Kong, there are various online training programmes what one can get in contact with. Here are some of the most notable ones to inspire your dream of becoming an online fitness trainer.
BeFit Go!. One of the widely streamed online fitness training website is BeFit. This online channel provides a playlist of workouts including Zumba, Pilates, yoga, cardio, abs sculpting, strength and conditioning, boxing, and many more. It is also mobile-friendly and FREE! making it a favorite among individuals who are always on the move.
Ballet Beautiful. Think: Natalie Portman in her Black Swan role and you have celebrity trainer and prima ballerina Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful. An interactive online class, it also offers live streaming of actual studio training or pre-recorded video streamed wherever, whenever. Program consists of stretches, toning workouts, low impact cardio, and proper posture. For a flat fee, students can have access to a vast video library or attend a live interactive class online.
Barre3. Those who want to shape their body for summer bikini beach feasts, this awesome combination of yoga, barre and Pilates online programme truly makes it to the cut. Offering unlimited access to various pre-recorded body-shaping workouts as well as custom-designed ones made Sadie Lincoln a household name in the online personal training arena. At just a fraction of a fee, one also enjoys healthy meal ideas including delicious yet fat-burning seasonal recipes.
David Bergwerf. Want to sculpt your body in 12 weeks? David’s awesome Transformation package can make the difference. Instead of live interactive class, David offers what is aptly called “exercise prescription” as well as nutritional planning, online planning and 5 e-books with complete online support. Transformation is promoted also for competitive athletes wanting to amp their training programme.
Crunch Live. For a more gym-like experience, Crunch Live online fitness classes are the new darling. Priding itself as the first US chain of gyms offering online training programme, instructors like you can livestream workouts with gym members at the background. In just 30 minutes, one can get varied exercises like yoga, Pilates, body sculpting, dance, aerobics, and so on.