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Australia Pole dancing studio insuranceSo, it’s your first time to open your studio to a bunch of pole dancing enthusiasts, and having those butterflies soaring up, down and in circles is nothing new. Armed with your pole dancing studio insurance Australia policy, what is there to be afraid of? Obviously, your students will be as nervous and as excited as you do. They will be thinking scary thoughts as you do. Will there be slips and falls? How will you hold yourself up in front of overeager ladies, who may make a casual go-over on what you’re wearing or not wearing.

First Time Feelers

There is nothing more intimidating than having nervous students trying their best (or worst) in swinging, gliding up-down those metal bars as if their lives depended on it. As a teacher-trainer, you are there to make these students first foray into pole dancing as comfortable as you can. Learn the first-day approach secret from experts– humor. Quite frankly, it’s going to be a tough day, and nothing will ever be perfect either for you or your students.
As much as possible, allow your class to feel and know that pole dancing is not as intimidating as others perceive it to be. Point out certain advantages like unleashing their sexuality or improving their gracefulness while tightening their glutes and core muscles. It is also wise to have everyone get acquainted prior to starting a class. Allow students to introduce themselves on the onset and on why they’re here. Pole dancing is more than just fitness in all actuality. It’s weaving a thread of emotional connections with all hands doing the deed.

Injury-Free Comfort

Aside from crafting an injury-resilient pole-dancing workout, understanding your student’s comfort level must also be addressed. Not all pole dancers want to do stunts and routines in almost naked-ish fashion. Some are not attuning to wearing skimpy clothing. While skin exposure doesn’t really have nothing to do with pole dancing, it is important to point out that a tight grip on a pole requires knees to be exposed and hands as well as arms can do wider range of motion. Encouraging everyone to embrace their sensuality without prejudice will ultimately make routines and stunts freer and more dramatic.
Perhaps, it is also important to point out that all of them are there to unleash their inhibitions. The only one paying attention to each student is you, the teacher, the Master Eye, the guide. Mirrors are set so everyone can mind their own moves and see their own selves in a better light. This is also the reason why many pole dancing instructors restrict students according to the number of poles present. Sharing a pole can be distracting giving rise to more injuries and sadly, undue bickering; a disturbance to a rather focused and passionate class.

A Deeper Kind Of Fun

Pole dancing is a different kind of sexy workout. Yes, it’s going to be intimidating, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, gloriously satisfying! The pace is slower. The focus is more precise and intense. One can virtually let loose those golden or jet-black long locks, swaying hips to the tune, while gliding up and down the pole line. Opening a new pole dancing studio is going to be one tough experience, and you will love it. The idea though is to make your classes interesting and focused on your students’ capabilities. Do not just rely on programs done in the past as each set of students are different each time. As a trainer, it is important not to discount any injuries or untoward incidents to happen on the first day of class though. Come prepared. Be physically, emotionally and mentally around. For protection, learn how pole dancing studio insurance Australia policy can help. Call us or send us an email to learn more. Lastly, remember the rule of a longer gam; the first time should be a good time.