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There is no denying that rugby isn’t a sport for the timid. Blood, lot’s of sweat and occasional tears aren’t uncommon in a rugby game, and accidents can leave players with significant problems. 
Rugby can be a high-risk sport, which is why it’s essential to have a good rugby insurance policy in place.Rugby Player Insurance

What is Rugby Player Insurance?

Rugby player insurance covers you for financial loss as a result of being injured or involved in an accident while playing rugby. For example, it would cover you in the event that you could not work and had a loss of earnings after breaking your leg in a game. 
Rugby player insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing that you’re covered whether you are training, playing a friendly match with your team or competing in a competition. 
Although insurance won’t prevent accidents and injuries from happening, it will certainly make things easier if anything were to happen to you when you’re out on the field.

What Does Rugby Insurance Cover Me For?

Rugby player insurance can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs, e.g cover for adult players to protect against loss of earnings due to an injury or cover for children. Rugby player insurance can also cover you for things such as broken bones, dentistry, hiring artificial aids (e.g. splints and crutches) and physiotherapy costs.
Some rugby player insurance policies also give you the option to add income protection to the policy. This means you would be compensated with a percentage of your usual take-home salary if you were unable to work due to an accident that occurred while you were in training or playing game. 

What is Rugby Club Insurance?

Rugby club insurance is designed specifically for rugby clubs. Most policies cover the financial costs that occur in the event of claims relating to professional indemnity and club management liability.
For example, rugby club insurance can cover a coach or referee for breach of professional duty or unintentional error in the event that a player files a claim against them. It can also protect a rugby club, directors and committee board members for acts carried out while carrying out duties on behalf of the club.
There are various exclusions and additional policies you can add to a rugby player or rugby club policy, so the best option is to get in touch for a tailored quote. 

Get Your Rugby Player or Rugby Club Insurance Quote Today

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective insurance policy that protects individual players or your whole rugby club, we have access to some of the most comprehensive and reputable rugby insurance providers in Australia. 
Our award-winning brokers are on hand to help you find tailored insurance policies that suit your requirements.
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