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Spin CycleAre you a personal trainer of a Spin Cycle class? Teaching a bunch of students in a fitness gym is a big responsibility because there are unavoidable events that could lead to your own personal injury or a student’s physical harm. If you are worried your reputation will be in jeopardy due to negligence or an unpredictable incident beyond your control, I suggest you consider the option of getting insured. In the event you contact a Spin Cycle Trainer insurance provider, here is a list of things included in protection coverage that you could discuss with them:

  • Public liability

Your profession as a Spin Cycle Trainer exposes you to all kinds of accidents. Among the common problems that may occur while holding the Spin Cycle class are injuries that your students may incur due to a wrong move or accident. When this happens you can be held liable for anybody’s physical injury and be sued. Public liability coverage offers protection for such claims including legal assistance.

  • Professional Indemnity

As a professional trainer of a Spin Cycle training workshop your scope of work involves giving instructions and personal coaching. There are cases wherein your instruction could result in a student’s personal harm and demands claim. If you have already purchased Spin Cycle insurance policy from an insurance provider in Australia, the coverage of protection extends to expenses of a lawsuit case filed against you including the compensation claim of the injured student.

  • Interruption from work

Another special coverage that a Spin Cycle Insurance policy could provide is compensation for any days you weren’t able to work due to your injury while teaching. This type of coverage can also include some of the medical expenses you have to pay for your complete recovery.

  • Sports equipment

Among the advantages of coverage with a Spin Cycle Insurance policy is protection of sports equipment that you and your class are using. If there is an incident involving you or a student that causes property damage to one of the Spin Cycles inside the fitness centre, you can be held accountable and be required to pay for the damages. Your insurance policy will also cover the cost of a replacement or repair.

What to ask the Spin Cycle insurance Australia provider during a private meeting

Below are some of the frequently asked questions you could also ask the representative of a Spin Cycle Trainer Insurance provider before buying a policy:

  • Can I get a discount on my insurance policy?

  • What information should I provide when finalising my insurance application?

  • Is there a licensed broker to assist me during the initial processing of my insurance policy?

  • Will I be given a chance to amend my existing policy?

  • Where can I get support after work hours?

  • What should I do when filing an insurance claim?

  • How many days does it take to process an insurance claim?

  • What happens if I miss my monthly payments?

Getting inured is one of the wisest moves you can do for yourself and your growing career as a Spin Cycle Trainer. Don’t let the complexities of your profession and the surroundings take control of your daily activities while teaching a Spin Cycle class, take that step now and choose the right insurance policy.

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