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Cheap strongman trainer insuranceDo you really know what Strongman fitness is into? Don’t you ever wonder why strongman trainer insurance is widely recommended by experts in the health and fitness department? There is no rest for the wicked when it comes to Strongman training. Taking from the ancient tradition of the Vikings, this competitive sport of lifting, breaking and bending large odd objects from tires to logs used to be truly fascinating to observe from the sidelines. Today, however, many fitness programs have incorporated some of Strongman’s training workouts into their folds. Trainers, however, noted various pitfalls on these “strongman-like” training which many easily fall into.

  1. There is more to strength-building than what meets the eye. When vying for the Strongman title or just to become “strong” in the literal sense of the word, you need various implements in building strength not just for the body but ultimately for each and every angle. Think about carrying a Husafell stone and correlate that to your core and grip workout plan. Obviously, you’ll need more than conventional lifting strategies to ensure fortifying all your areas of strength.
  2. Carrying and lifting are not entirely different from each other. Do not just focus on working out in a gym, lifting barbells or doing resistance training. Try doing the usual yard work—shoveling snow, pushing a soil- or brick-filled wheelbarrow, carry and break logs with a heavy ax, and so on. Imitate the same when in the gym with a client. Do not focus on teaching the usual strength-training manuals allow you. A farmer’s walk, for instance, can be an eye-opener.
  3. Strongman is only for men—not! Do not limit your clientele to men categories only. If you have a solid program and a strongman trainer insurance to protect your reputation then, try extending your hold to women who are so into this fascinating world of carrying a cement bag or lifting tires.
  4. It’s not as safe as you think it is. Like all other workouts out there, it is important to know that strength training can easily cause overuse injuries. Torn ligaments, herniated disc, cervical spine and lumbar spine injuries, knee injuries, and ripped shoulders are just some of the traumatic mishaps any trainer as well as trainee can get into. A strongman trainer insurance allows a safety net for trainers to protect their career as well as themselves in the event of life-changing injuries sustained.
  5. It’s part passion, part ego. Seriously, who would want to lift 200 to 300 pounds of stone or flip an 800-pound tyre for a competition? There is something egotistical about the whole thing. Accomplishment on this Strongman realm is that of primal sense to edge out the competition, and that’s ego talking.

In addition to all these, it is also important to acknowledge that Strongman trainers demand more from their trainees. When a competition looms on the horizon, training risks continue to soar, too. So, while a solid strongman trainer insurance policy may be tucked inside a trainer’s weighted belt, it is also wise for trainees to get their own trauma insurance as an added protection.