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Personal Trainer
Before speaking to a broker about online personal trainer insurance these 5 questions should be asked:

Question #1 – What are your available insurance products?

One of the vital things you should never forget when talking with an insurance broker  is to enquire about the various insurance products they have and to ask if they also sell Personal Trainer insurance policies. Remember, not all insurance companies sell all products. There are some insurers who only focus on certain insurance products.

Question #2 – What’s the best quote you can offer?

Don’t let the insurer see you are desperate when buying a online personal trainer insurance policy. Give them the impression that you are hunting for the most affordable insurance product. During your discussion with the broker ask if they can give you a better offer than the other insurers you’ve talked with. I’m sure if the insurer is eager to close a deal, they might give you a discounted insurance policy proposal.

Question #3 – What are your payment options for Online Personal Trainer insurance?

One of the questions you should not miss when enquiring about insurance products is their payment options. A reliable insurer must offer flexible payment terms to accommodate their customer’s financial capacity to pay. Among the payment terms that must be applied on your policy are monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. If you have the budget, a one-time payment may also be applicable.

Question #4 – Who will assist me during an insurance claim?

Filing an insurance claim could be a daunting task. I suggest during your private conversation with the online personal trainer insurance broker, that you ask this question, “Who will assist me during an insurance claim?” Make sure that after the purchase you can still rely on the insurer to provide you the support you need when an unpredictable event happens. If the insurer can’t provide a clear answer to this question, I recommend you move to your next prospective insurer and one who is there to support you in your most challenging moments.

Question #5 – Can I make amendments to my existing insurance policy?

When buying online personal trainer insurance e don’t forget to ask this question, “Can I do the necessary amendments with my policy? Your insurer must give you freedom to change as you please regarding any terms or the extent of protection coverage, as your needs change. If the insurer tells you aren’t allowed to do this, you better look for another insurance company with flexible terms when it comes to revising your Personal Trainer insurance policy.

I do hope this topic helped you become well informed about your rights as a paying customer. In the event there are still questions that remain unanswered, feel free to ask a licensed broker to explain the things that bother you most. Remember, staying well informed is one of the wisest moves you can do to get the best insurance policy.

The team at Gym Insurance HQ are experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers who are able to provide you with advice and quotes on the best online personal trainer insurance policies to suit your needs and budget, so why not call us on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote and we will call you back.