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Personal Trainer Insurance Online Australia ProviderAre you just starting a career as a Personal Trainer? If you want to stay longer in this career pathway and remain secure while helping your students get to their desired weight and fitness goals, I suggest you get a good insurance policy. In the event you are planning to visit a Personal Trainer insurance online Australia provider for some advice, why not ask these top 5 questions during your online chat with one of their customer support representatives.

Question #1 – What is liability coverage?

This is one of the questions you need to ask a Personal Trainer insurance online Australia provider, “What is the liability coverage?” The liability coverage is entirely different from your regular home or health insurance policy. This insurance coverage extends its protection to lawsuits that may be filed against you as a personal trainer. For example, complaints could involve malpractice, wrong instructions given while holding your class, sexual abuse and other accidents due to an equipment malfunction.

Question #2 – Do I need an insurance policy if my employer is covered with insurance?

Another question that you must discuss with a Personal Trainer insurance online Australia provider is about getting insured if your employer has already an insurance covering his or her employees. Yes, if you are also offering your professional services as a personal trainer outside the parameters of your employment for your personal protection. Besides, if you are offering your services as a freelance even if you are employed, you are obliged to get insurance so that you are fully protected against unpredictable events like personal injury or third party injury while under your supervision.

Question #3 – Am I still held liable if the accident happened due to the gym facility’s negligence?

Yes, even if you aren’t personally accountable for the physical injury of your student due to faulty gym equipment at a gym facility you are still considered liable and could be sued due to your negligence. As a professional trainer you have to make sure the venue where you will hold class is safe, including the equipment they use.

Question #4 – What is my liability when I advise students to take health supplements?

There will be instances where you will recommend your students to take health supplements to boost their energy while taking your classes. You could be held liable for this advice, especially if the products caused harmful side effects to your students.

Question #5 – What are my best options to keep my profession secured against these liability claims?

Among the concerns you must discuss with a Personal Trainer insurance online Australia provider is the best option to protect your profession as a personal trainer. Getting insured with a comprehensive Personal Trainer insurance policy is the solution that will ensure you are protected from liability claims, regardless if you are at fault or not.

As you head forward with a good start with your personal training career, don’t be too preoccupied with the routine workout you will teach your students. I highly recommend you pause from your busy schedule and consult a Personal Trainer insurance online Australia provider for the perfect insurance policy that will keep you protected and your budding career as a personal trainer.

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