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Are you preparing a list of questions you will ask a Boxing Insurance provider in Australia? If you are struggling finding the right questions, perhaps these top 7 questions can be included on your list.

Question #1 – How long have you been in the insurance industry?

This is one of the vital questions you need to ask any Boxing Insurance provider: the number of years have they been operating in the marketplace. Why? An insurer with many years of experience in the industry will give you the confidence that they are only offering clients solid advice about the ideal insurance products suited to their specific needs.

Question #2 – Can you show proof of credentials?

Another question you should never forget when meeting with a representative of a Boxing Insurance provider is whether they can show proof of credentials that will support their credibility in the industry as a top performing insurer. A reputable insurer will be happy to share whatever achievements they have, like awards or recognition received in the insurance committee.

Questions #3 – Do you have references?

Among the questions that you can ask a Boxing Insurance provider is for references from past clients who bought insurance products from their company. Ask if they can provide you a list of references from satisfied clients who were happy with their insurance purchases.

Question #4 – Who will handle my insurance policy?

Most fast growing insurance companies have appointed representatives to handle the various accounts of clients who purchased policies. You may enquire with their supervisor or manager who will handle your insurance policy in the event you need assistance during an emergency like an accident. If the Boxing Insurance provider assures support to all clients’ inquiries even after the operating hours, this is a good sign that you are indeed working with a reliable insurer.

Question #5 – How long will I wait before I get response to my question or message?

This is another question that you have to clarify with your Boxing Insurance provider. Regarding your inquiries, how long before they will respond? If the insurer mentions they have an online chat support where you can leave a message and receive real-time response 24/7, you don’t have to worry about having to wait days or weeks before you get an answer.

Question #6 – Can you customise my insurance policy?

Your insurance needs differ from another person and your insurer must have the capability to create a customised insurance policy to address your specific needs as a professional Boxing Trainer. If you have a licensed broker negotiating on your behalf, make sure this person has a clear outline of your requirements.

Question #7 – How do you handle an insurance claim?

It’s crucial that you have a clear idea of how the Boxing Insurance provider will process your insurance claim application. During the private consultation, ask how they handle an insurance claim. If you have a licensed broker you don’t need to worry much because this professional will do the paperwork, including the filing of your insurance claim and the best thing is you just wait for an update.

If you still have questions or are needing to get Boxing Insurance in place to make sure you are covered against risk, then give the friendly, experienced team at Gym Insurance HQ. We can help you and spend the time you need to understand your boxing insurance policy and what your insurance covers you for. Call us today on 1300 815 344 or you can go online and request a quote and we will call you back.