What Can a Crossfit Insurance Policy Cover?

Crossfit Insurance Policy CoverDo you own a crossfit box? Have you ever thought of having it covered with a comprehensive insurance policy? The Crossfit insurance policy could be the perfect insurance product for you. Depending on the type of coverage you want and your preferred budget, there are also other factors that will dictate the overall cost of the insurance policy like the size of your CrossFit box, type of services being offered to gym members and hired employees.

Different types of Crossfit insurance coverage

  • Gym liability coverage

This type of insurance coverage comes in two types; general liability and professional liability. General liability extends it protection coverage to any physical injury or property damage that could arise within the premises of your crossfit box. Professional liability covers other potential risks resulting to “errors and omissions” committed by your employees and hired professional trainers.

  • Product liability

This covers risky factors that will result from products sold at your crossfit gym centre like gym equipment used for workout routine including heath supplements.

  • Employees’ misconduct

One of the special coverage that could be included on your Crossfit insurance policy is an employees’ misconduct. An employee’s discriminating act, sexual abuse, malpractice or firing an employee due to bad behaviour are among the incidents that your insurance could extend support in case a lawsuit has been filed against you.

  • Equipment coverage

This type of coverage can be bought separately, but in most cases the insurance recommends it as rider attached to the business insurance policy. The protection coverage includes any future breakdown claim involving the crossfit gym equipment.

  • Employees’ compensation

Another type of coverage that you could get from the Crossfit insurance policy is protection against injuries or illnesses incurred by your hired employees while working at the crossfit box.

Other add-ons you can ask your insurance company:

The crossfit insurance policy can be customised to fit the specific needs of a business owner running a crossfit box. Among the add-ons that you can ask your insurance company or appointed insurance broker to give you a proposed policy may include the following coverage:

  • Participant and accidental liability coverage

In the event your crossfit gym sponsors your athletes at sports tournaments, the protection coverage extends to any liability resulting to the participant’s physical injury while under your supervision. Accidental liability covers anything related to the medical claim of the participant encountering injury during the tournament or while travelling to the designate sports tournament event.

  • Supplemental liability coverage

Other areas where you can get extended protection under the Crossfit insurance are:

  • Swimming pools

  • Rock climbing walls

  • Hot tub facilities

  • Massage services

  • Umbrella liability

If the unpredictable event led to massive damages and you are facing a large lawsuit case, the Crossfit Insurance Policy can offer the umbrella liability coverage where the entire cost of legal claims exceeds your other insurance coverage.

Having decided on the Crossfit Insurance Policy that suits your individual needs the next step is to source a specialist broker in which to obtain the coverage on your behalf. If you are unsure of the extent of coverage you may include with your Crossfit Insurance Policy a broker will be able to talk you through all your options. Call the specialist brokers at Gym Insurance HQ on 1300 815 344 to get your free quote or go online and request a quote and we will call you back.