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Fitness Boot Camp Insurance ClaimRunning a Fitness Boot Camp poses many risks such as, encountering personal injury, students getting injured or Fitness Boot Camp equipment being lost. If you have a comprehensive Fitness Boot Camp insurance policy all these problems could be resolved once you file the appropriate insurance claim. If this is your first time to file a claim with your insurance company, read these 6 vital steps needed when filing a Fitness Boot Camp Insurance Claim.

Step #1 – Check the severity of the problem

Whether you are the one who encountered physical injury or another person is claiming injury, it is standard procedure before anything else that you check the severity of the problem. In the event it is one of your Fitness Boot Camp attendees who suffered injury due a bad slip while doing a fitness routine, assess the condition of the affected attendee. Do the basic first-aid techniques while you appoint somebody to call for medical assistance.

Step #2 – Never disclose any statement that you are liable

Even though the bad incident happened inside the Fitness Boot Camp training facility, never disclose a statement that you are to be held accountable or commit to anything like paying whatever medical bills the attendee will have resulting from the injury. In case they ask about your insurance, tell them you will contact your insurance company at the soonest possible time. Keep in mind you aren’t supposed to share with anyone the full details of your Fitness Boot Camp insurance coverage, particularly to an injured third party.

Step #3 – Notify your insurance broker

If you used the professional services of a licensed insurance broker when buying the Fitness Boot Camp insurance, call him or her right away and narrate the incident details. I’m sure by the time you finish this call, your insurance broker will take the necessary action to ensure you are covered for any future claim.

Step #4 – Do the necessary documentation

It’s crucial that you remain calm while dealing with this problem, especially if there is a third party involved. Complete the necessary documentation, like prepare an incident report so that when your licensed insurance broker comes you can just give this copy along with any other supporting documents needed to file a Fitness Boot Camp Insurance Claim.

Step #5 – Keep updated with the progress of your insurance claim

If the third party files a claim due a physical injury that he or she incurred at your Fitness Boot Camp facility, don’t just ignore it even if you have already notified your insurance broker. Keep updated with the progress of this injured person’s claim to establish your sincerity to resolve the problem soon. Make the affected person feel you still value your business relationship and hope this will not put an end to his or her trust on your Fitness Boot Camp workshops.

Step #6 – Safeguard your proof of evidence

Don’t put proof and evidence you gathered from the incident just anywhere. If there are printed copies, make sure you and your licensed broker have copies including details of the insurance company where you bought the Fitness Boot Camp insurance policy. Never give a copy of this documentation to the third party or any of his or her legal representatives.

I do hope the above steps have clearly addressed your concerns regarding the proper filing of the Fitness Boot Camp Insurance Claim. If you still need to be enlightened further about your legal rights as a policyholder, talk to your licensed insurance broker.

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