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Ever since Jane Fonda graced us with her high-intensity aerobic workouts back in the 80s, group fitness has boomed. In fact, one study found that 95 percent of people who start a weight loss program with friends complete the program, compared to 76 percent of those who do it alone. 

So why are group fitness classes so popular?

As a fitness instructor, you will be well aware of the benefits of group fitness training that make it so popular. People feel motivated and empowered when they work out with like-minded people, and the social element encourages people to show up and take part.

You see the hard work and effort that your clients put in, and you invest your time and money in equal measure to get your fitness business to where it is today. That’s why it’s essential to have group fitness instructor insurance to protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

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Do group fitness instructors need insurance?

An accident or mishap could bear a heavyweight on your business and leave you in a difficult financial situation. Fitness instructors and personal trainers face a wide range of risks – from a class member tripping up on a dumbbell and spraining their ankle, to a client claiming that a fitness program you designed for them was negligent and resulted in harm. 

These are just two examples of incidents that could result in you being sued you held liable to pay compensation for injuries, legal fees, medical costs and/or their loss of income.

What type of insurance do group fitness instructors need?

There are a number of insurance policies for group fitness instructors and personal trainers:

  • Professional indemnity insurance: This covers you in the event of claims of negligence relating to the professional services or advice you have given. It may cover the legal costs and compensation you are liable to pay as a result of a claim.
  • Public liability: This covers your business for third-party property damage or personal injury caused by your business activities.
  • Business insurance: This covers your business premises, assets and contents in the event of malicious damage, theft, fire or other unexpected (and insured) events.
  • Product liability: This covers your business for third-party or injury claims made as a result of the products you sell or supply through your business.

These policies can provide robust coverage to protect your finances and your business’ reputation.

Compare group fitness instructor insurance quotes today

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