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Income Protection Insurance

Protect your income and livelihood in the event you are sick or unable to work.

Income Protection Insurance

Although working for yourself has many benefits, the downside is that you don’t have an employer to pay you sick leave or annual leave if you are unable to work. As a self-employed personal trainer or fitness professional you are not typically covered under a workers’ compensation policy, and the solution to obtaining comprehensive 24/7 coverage for injury or illness is through income protection.

Personal trainers working for others may be covered under workers’ compensation, however, the cover provided by workers’ compensation is limited and only covers injuries that occur because of an employer’s negligence. This limited cover means that for fitness instructors, illnesses or injuries that occur away from the workplace will not be covered and there will be no compensation in the event you can’t work.

Income protection insurance works like a safety net to protect your income and livelihood in the event that you need to take time off from the business. 

What Is Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance compensates you for loss of income in the event that you fall ill, are injured or can’t work for another reason. You will receive regular payments of a percentage of your  income (usually up to 80%) until you are able to return to work or until your policy expires (whichever is first). This means you’ll still be able to stay on top of your rent, mortgage and other bills while you’re off.

As a personal trainer you may also be liable for any claims made by clients or members of the public as a result of your business activities. Such claims can expose you to financial struggle, which is why you should also consider adding public liability island professional indemnity insurance to your insurance package. 

Why Choose Gym Insurance HQ?

At Gym Insurance HQ, we have a large range of products from low-cost, straightforward policies through to fully tailored policies that can be funded via your super with no impact on your weekly income. Our brokers can help you tailor an insurance package that protects your business and meets your needs. If you’re unsure about the type of cover you need, our brokers will be happy to walk you through your options. Give us a call on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online


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