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If you are a sports coach of any kind (contact or non-contact), finding the right sports insurance coverage can be an absolute nightmare and almost a sport in itself – Generally not a fun one at that!

Gym Insurance HQ specialises in all fitness insurance types and all sporting niches. We have spent over a decade building relationships with over 170 insurers to negotiate competitive rates on the cover you need. Whether you are seeking public liability insurance and/or business insurance, we can find the right policy to suit you and your business needs.

Who are Sports Coaches?
This may seem a common sense question but when it comes to insurance people aren’t always so sure if they’re looking at the right policy for them and what they need. Generally, a sports coach is any fitness professional who provides guidance and support to a client or sporting team. We can cover after-school program coaching, sports clubs coaching, one-on-one, contact and non-contact coaching sports.

insurance for sports coaches

What Type of Sports Coaches Do We Cover?
Basically any type of sporting coach niche you can think of…we can cover!
We can assist you with:

ALL ball sports/club sports

✔ rugby
✔ soccer
✔ Tennis
✔ Netball
✔ Volleyball
✔ Baseball
✔ Basketball
✔ All of them!

Team sports/individual sports

✔ Athletics
✔ Golf
✔ Gymnastics
✔ Table Tennis
✔ Archery
✔ Roller Sports
Pole Fit
✔ Dance Sports
✔ Hockey
✔ Cycling
✔ Rowing
✔ Triathlon
✔ Swimming
✔ Disabled Sport
✔ Lacrosse
✔ Many More!

We really can cover any coaching-related activity you can think of, team or individual, contact or non-contact. If you are a coach for Contact Boxing, MMA etc. follow the respective links to learn more!

Why Should You Choose Us?
We are fitness insurance specialist, this is what we do!
We understand the risk associated with your business and with your coaching activities, we’ve walked the needs, concerns and claims processes of fellow fitness professionals for over 10 years now! We have the experience, passion and knowledge that large insurance companies covering everything cannot match.

Experience the difference of a multi-award winning insurance brokerage today.
Call one of our awesome and friendly staff members on 1300 815 344 or Request a Quote online HERE!