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Fancy opening a 24-hour gym? Do you think it will not work? Armed with their comprehensive 24-hour gym insurance, many new entrepreneurs in the fitness industry is jumping into the newest bandwagon in Australia– 24-hour gym business! With more and more people leaving the klieg lights of pubs and clubs in their aim to shift to a healthier lifestyle, slimmer waistline, contoured silhouette, buffed upper torso, sexy gams, and so on.

Evening workout, it seems, has more benefits to deliver for busybodies to unwind and de-stress from a long day’s frustrations. But what truly makes a 24-hour gym hit off with gymgoers? And why the early-morning-fix seems to be losing its charm with nocturnal training?

Solitude. On top of many gymgoers’ list is the steady and more relaxed ambiance in gyms at night. Away from the usual morning madness, many do loathe the idea of a hurried workout routine as traffic may caught with them end route to work. Add to that long queue in shower and dressing rooms. So, why not enjoy a more relaxed night time routine. Oh, it’s also a great time to socialize afterwards like a side trip to a nearby Cumulus resto.

Stress Reliever. Night workouts offer the best way to relieve stress and tension off one’s system at the end of the day. Think about going into a PunchFit training programme after a day’s hair-pulling craziness with a demanding boss. Or an hour of yoga to stretch those knotted muscles from a full day’s conference marathon with clients. It just feels so good to release that angst then, go to bed with nothing but “feel good” hormones painting your dreams in chocolate flavoured rainbow. Now, you can have a good night’s rest without being disturbed by alarm signals in the wee hours of the morning after.

Healthy Relaxation. This also means the perfect time to unwind– the healthy way. Instead of drinking the night away or going into comfort food binge, late-night yoga, Pilates or pole dancing will definitely make more sense. Go to bed in utmost tranquillity and waking up with a happy and composed body and mind truly makes 24-hour gyms a great way to unwind.

Plateau No More. Busting a workout plateau and start achieving more productive results from a training regimen can also be attained by shifting to night time gym visits. Some fitness enthusiasts tend to get bored doing the same thing repeatedly. Doing night time workouts every now and then will keep those training burnouts at bay.

Hardcore Workout. Do you know that muscle strength and function peak in the evening? Researchers have proven that working out in the evening allows the body to inhale more oxygen then, use it faster to help optimize energy levels. Which, by the way, means you can work out harder and do it longer, too.

Without a doubt, working out in the evening has its own strengths and benefits. No wonder 24-hour gyms are sprouting all over Australia these days. If you plan to open one or work in one of the top gyms as a trainer, night time training is definitely the best way to go.