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FITNESS MYTHS | Gym Insurance HQFitness advice runs profusely, but not all of it is effective for you. According to gym insurance South Australia specialists, many gym owners often lament slow repeat clients because of unjust expectations brought by certain myths. Add up the unrealistic mindset of gym members on their workout routine and it is quite easy to see why many feel bummed out after just a few visits. This, unfortunately, results in to decline in membership and with negative word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire in a fitness-crazed arena, it is imperative for gym owners and managers to find ways in negating these over-simplified notions.

When thinking of setting things straight, South Australia Gym insurance specialists suggest that the following misguided fitness notions must be carefully addressed by both gym and personal trainers.

  1. Mornings is “always” the best time for workout sessions. Many busybodies scratch their heads over this myth. For one, many don’t have the luxury of going to a gym early in the morning. Even with many workout facilities opening their doors 24-7, morning exercises can be hard to tackle with carpooling for kids, work commitments and the likes. In all truth, the best time to go to a gym and do routines on a regular basis is– whenever a gym member’s schedule permits. Whether one starts in the wee hours of the morning or after dark, it’s immaterial to the whole effectiveness thing. The idea is to help a gym member find a gym schedule that fits his or her schedule and work from there.
  2. More pain, more gain. Stop pushing gym members to their limits. According to several specialists in gym insurance in South Australia, pushing through the pain will not only call for injuries but also for complaints. Unless a gym trainer’s program is rigorously built around a member’s athletic requirement for a sporting event or contest of some sort, assessing members’ capacity should be a priority.  Keep in mind that there’s a thin line dividing muscle soreness and injuries– and this should be clearly pointed out to a gym member.
  3. Daily and longer workouts will always produce the best result Sure, it’s a good thing for gym businesses for members to visit the facility daily. But you need to remember that yours belong to the service industry and the goal is to keep them on a long-term basis. Too much of something will ultimately saturate a member’s hunger for change in their system. The monotony of workouts done daily for a longer range of time will ultimately make gym members lose interest over time. It is best to always inject new training that allows them to explore and have fun while breaking a sweat.

Reforming the minds of both members and potential clients rests largely on gym trainers’ shoulders. Allowing them to widen their perspective will not only help attain their goals but also in ensuring the confidence of members in a gym’s training program. With this, and by having a gym insurance South Australia policy handy, attaining your business goals can also be done.