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Personal Trainer & Fitness Professional Liability Insurance.

Fitness professional liability insurance

Fitness Professional Liability Insurance will provide you with $5 – $20 million worth of indemnity protection, as well as cover legal costs in defending your position.
Basically this is the cover that lets you sleep at night knowing that your family home is safe if something should go wrong in your business.
Unfortunately, the Fitness Profesional Liability Insurance market is crowded with low price policies that are effectively worthless. To many of the major providers have aligned themselves with industry groups, training organisations and franchise groups which are all pushing to offer the cheapest coverage available.
What this strategy neglects is actually providing genuine cover to the client.



    Main issues

    Some of the main issues we see DAILY with cheap online policies at $200 are:
    • No cover if footwear is not worn – These providers sell this policy to Yoga Studios.
    • No cover for 1RM testing or derivatives of – One of the largest PT insurers has this exclusion.
    • Only covered if an incident occurs and claimed by third party lodged with 28 days. – Typically, a personal injury claim takes months to be lodged.
    • Only covered if you have a formally recognised qualification (Degree, Diploma or Cert). – These providers sell this policy to Zumba, CrossFit, Weightlifting etc. all of which DO NOT have qualifications which are recognised by the insures definition.
    • No cover for children’s room/couch whilst parents train.
    • No cover for diet or nutritionary advice (unless qualified dietician)
    • No cover for activities conducted outside – running, boot camps etc.
    • No cover for activities 30cm or more above ground – This excludes pull-ups, box jumps, rope climbs etc.
    • No cover for kids <10, <13 or <16 – depending on provider.
    • No cover for martial arts of any form including non-contact activities such as boxercise, boxfit & mits used in cardio boot camps.
    • No cover for the sale of products.
    • No cover for premises you rent or equipment – slip-fall style claims.

    The list of limitations in wordings which work against a client being covered is many times longer than these major items.

    Fortunately, Gym Insurance HQ does not sell low cost, low-quality policies as we want to ensure that all our clients sleep easy knowing they are covered. Our prices are higher starting at around $400p.a.

    We find that our prices are extremely competitive (around 40% cheaper) when people start asking their cheap insurers to add in cover for additional activities that most businesses undertake.

    A group fitness business may need to extend their cheap $200 policy to include:

    • Tenants liability
    • Running outdoors
    • Selling products
    • Having a kids room where kids wait for parents to train.
    • Training of kids <16
    • Providing dietary advice via the likes of My fitness Pal.
    • Only having a cert 4 which DOES NOT cover group fitness training.

    The final price may end up $800 p.a for a policy we could have provided you for $460 p.a without variation.

    Gym Insurance HQ has been living and breathing the fitness insurance industry for over a decade now.

    We specialise in providing genuine cover to fitness professionals and fitness-related businesses.

    Get the right advice for you and your business and chat to one of our multi-award winning brokers today.

    Call us on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online HERE.

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