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Personal Insurance

Working for yourself as a personal trainer or fitness instructor comes with many benefits. You get to do what you love, set your own schedule and generally have more flexibility than you would working for someone else. 

But working for yourself is a two-sided coin – granted you have more flexibility but you also don’t have an employer to fall back on if you’re sick, injured or need to take some time off work for personal reasons. Many fitness self-employed fitness professionals also have the responsibility of providing for a family, which adds another layer of stress and concern if you were unable to work. 

Personal insurance solutions provide fitness professionals with the financial security and peace of mind to keep doing what you love.

What type of personal insurance do fitness professionals need?

Personal trainers and fitness instructors should consider taking out the following insurance policies to protect your income, financial security and livelihood:

Why Choose Gym Insurance HQ?

When dealing with Gym Insurance HQ, you will have your own dedicated insurance broker who will work with you to tailor your insurance package to meet your needs. Your broker will assist you in all aspects of quoting, policy placement and management and most importantly claim lodgement and management. Contact us today on 1300 815 344 for more information or request a quote online.