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Gym Insurance HQ can assist you with all your personal trainer TPD insurance needs with access to the largest range of general and personal trainer specialist TPD Filing Physical Injury Claiminsurance companies in Australia.

Total & Permanent Disablement insurance for personal trainers really falls into two categories. The two categories relate to the wording the insurer uses and can either be “Own Occupation Trauma Insurance” or “Any Occupation Trauma Insurance”. Generally, an Own Occupation Trauma Insurance definition provides the broadest coverage, however depending on your exact business activities, time in the industry and qualifications this may not always be available.

A competent personal trainer specialist Total & Permanent Disablement insurance broker, will advise you of the various products and insurers and advise you of which product will best meet your needs and objectives.

To see how cheap personal trainer Total & Permanent Disablement insurance can be, and the benefits of dealing with a personal trainer TPD insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or online HERE.