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Business Property Insurance

Protect your business property and physical assets from damage, loss and claims.

Business Property Insurance for Gyms & Fitness Centre

If you own a gym or a fitness-related business, then business property insurance can help you safeguard your business and livelihood. Business property insurance protects the physical assets in a business from loss or damage, as well as your business income in the event if a claim.

The Importance of Gym-Specific Property Insurance

Business property insurance is usually straightforward, but the property insurance requirements for gyms and fitness centres can be much more complex.

Many fitness centres have the wrong or insufficient coverage. The problem we see with many non-fitness specialist insurance brokers is that they do not know when a policy is wrong for a client. Some of the greatest issues we see for gyms include:

  • Limitations within burglary cover when gyms operate with unsupervised member access.
  • Policies ignoring the growing complexity and value of fitness equipment with both electrical and mechanical components often not covered for fusion or failure.
  • Business interruption is not being correctly covered/structured to adequately cover a standard membership-based income stream.
  • Equipment not being covered when being used at mobile locations or when being transported to locations.

Why Choose a Gym Insurance Specialist?

  • Specialised brokers understand the unique needs of gyms and can tailor policies accordingly.
  • A gym insurance specialist can ensure that your claims are approved when needed.
  • They can also help you find competitive rates not offered by broader insurers.

Gym Insurance HQ – Your Partner for Gym Property Insurance

Who We Are:

  • Gym Insurance HQ specialises in providing gym and fitness-related businesses with comprehensive property insurance coverage.
  • With access to the largest range of general and fitness specialist property insurance companies in Australia, we can find the right coverage for your gym.

Getting the Right Coverage at the Right Price:

  • We understand the unique requirements of the fitness industry and can tailor insurance packages to suit your specific needs.
  • To experience the benefits of dealing with a fitness industry property insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online.



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