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Personal trainer insurance in AustraliaDo you know what it takes to build up a thriving online personal trainer business? Many personal trainers nowadays are inclined to join the bandwagon of offering online services on top of their gym or studio services. Part of this is to rev up the competition level as well as in building a reputation. With more than 12 million Australians on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless more in other online channels, personal trainer insurance online professionals find it necessary to get in front of the competition.

Marketing is a crucial part of any business and online personal training is no different. If you are wanting to increase the number of clients in your business, the following strategies can be of help.

  • Rev up your promotional campaigns. Offer free sessions and referral perks to both existing and new clients. Free trial sessions, for say a month, can give potential long-term clients a chance to experience the convenience and ease of access to engage in valuable fitness programs. On top of that, referral programs will help increase your clout in the market while keeping the loyalty and interest of existing ones in check.


  • Reach out to local health clubs and gyms near you and offer some form of partnership. You can check out small gyms that have no plans of offering online personal training and ask them to refer interested clients to you for a percentage of stipulated training costs, of course. Or you may also feature them in your website for clients who also prefer gym training to online.


  • Set-up dynamic social media pages and have round-the-clock admins to support those pages. Look for affordable yet reliable third-party services with high reputation in customer service management. Let them concentrate on building a potential clients’ database, answering calls, private messages, or emails, while you focus on building an excellent training program.


  • Don’t forget to advertise; online and offline, too. While millions of Australians may be online, personal trainer insurance experts in Australia remind professionals to never ditch old-school offline marketing tactics. Print ads, directory, maps, and magazine ads still work their magic. Brochures, flyers, and banners, too.


  • Feel free also to seek out partnerships with health professionals and stores. Think about health supplement shops, sporting goods suppliers, and organic health food stores. Partnering with medical and alternative health professionals also helps increase the sense of trust and accountability in your personal training services.


  • Don’t forget to tap local businesses. A corporate wellness program that allows workers to do exercise in their free time or when at home will make an excellent proposition. See to it that your menu of services is aligned with a particular business’s needs.

Developing a strong online presence can be challenging. The key is to start slow but steady. Start with a blog site and then, have these blogs shared on social media channels.

Get a personal trainer insurance online quote and once obtained, make sure to highlight it on your marketing strategy. Clients want to know they are also in safe hands. To learn more, call us or send us a request for a quote now.