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Body builder instructor insuranceInjuries. It’s every bodybuilder’s worst nightmare. Instructors and students alike are wary of its existence. While armed with dependable body builder instructor insurance, trainers must always find ways to avoid such from happening to them and to their wards. Injuries do not only cause pain or discomfort. Both can also suffer from recurring injuries leaving no room for progress. In some cases, it can lead to lifelong impairment or worse, fatality.
As a bodybuilding trainer, you are duty-bound to protect trainees or students from such injuries. With the help of powerlifting trainers, the following simple yet tried-and-tested safety tips can be of great help:

  • Always remind a student or trainee to wear appropriate clothing when lifting weights. Weightlifting requires full range of bodily motion. Wearing restrictive clothing will not only hinder proper form and technique to execute the routine, it amplifies the chances of losing one’s balance resulting to injury. Subsequently, wearing proper footwear must also be observed to ensure stability.
  • Never be without a “spotter” in your gym. It is common nowadays to have 5 or more students per trainer in an industrial gym. Amid all the commotions that weightlifters often do, always maintain a hawk eye view on your wards. Some students think too much of their own capabilities leading to disaster. Teaching them to reach out to you and not just do things they have no inkling of doing right.
  • Always emphasize to students that weight plates must be fully secured before executing any lift, or to call your attention or that of a spotter when attempting to make one. So many tragic accidents happened in the past which could have been prevented. When weights accidentally fall off, it can hurt not just the trainee but others, too.
  • Always observe proper protocol in terms of starting a weightlifting workout. Inculcate in the mind of your trainees that proper warm up as well as cooling down is important to give body needed traction. Trainees are often given a weightlifting program but make sure to thoroughly explain why it is critical for them to follow such simple rules.
  • Again, emphasize perfect form. Heavy weights done with improper form is a recipe for disaster. Allow them to think how strenuous it can be to the bones, joints and core muscles. Practicing weightlifting form, the proper way should always be aligned to the body’s limitations. Some trainees are prone to over-imagination leading to injuries.
  • Stress also the importance of pacing when lifting weights. Some trainees get caught up in the momentum leading to strains on the muscles and joint when jerking or bouncing weights. Creating a steady and safe tempo for lifting and lowering must be done with grace.
  • Before starting your shift, always do a routine check of the gym area. Make sure that equipment is in place. Check for wet marks, drips and spills. Leaks from AC vents or from water bottles can sometimes result to someone tripping or falling leading to injuries.

Many of these safety tips in weightlifting are self-explanatory. But often, the simplest rules are the hardest to follow. While your body builder instructor insurance as well as that of the gym can be of help when issues arise, guaranteeing the safety of your trainees must always be considered part of your priority. These enthusiasts look up to you and the least you can do is ensure attainment of their goals sans the painful drawbacks.