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Corporate gym insuranceMany companies have hailed the health benefits of sending their employees to do gym time. Aside from keeping their lifestyle healthier, workouts help release dopamine hormones critical in business productivity. Having a healthier workforce also means lower incidence of sick leaves allowing more efficient realisation of goals. With a dependable corporate gym insurance Australia for your financial protection, such perks only make the idea of opening a corporate gym noting the number of clients available at your disposal.
When thinking of starting a gym with corporations and businesses as target market, it is essential to plan ahead of time. Aside from choosing a convenient location, another critical aspect in corporate gyms is the choice of equipment. To give you an idea, the following pieces are definite must-haves:

Strength Equipment.

Basically, in all stages or levels of fitness, strength and conditioning pieces aim to build muscles, fortify strength, reduce body fat, burn calories, enhance performance, and prevent injury. Many manufacturers design and pre-fabricate commercial gym strength training equipment tailored to the need of a particular market. Think power cages, power racks, abdominal core benches, back or glute benches, hydraulic resistance gym equipment, jungle gyms, lifting platforms, rowing machine, plate loaded equipment, squat stands, Smith machines and specific equipment. These items can be built to cater to more focused workout on targeted muscles and muscle groups.

Strength Pieces.

Corporate gyms must also have an area solely devoted for weight training. Here, strength equipment must come alongside with must-have strength pieces like kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, stability ball, wall ball, foam roller, and so on.

Suspension Equipment.

One of the latest crazes in the corporate fitness market today is the use of suspension equipment. Suspension training aims to improve not just strength but also flexibility, joint stability, and range of motion. It is designed to lift sedentary lifestyle into a more progressive one without shocking the system. Common choices are TRX suspension trainer, resistance cord, fully loaded rigs, frames, castors, half racks and multi-mount system.

Stationary Bicycles.

Many individuals no longer have the time to ride around their bicycles due to their hectic 9 to 5 commitments. This is where a stationary bike comes in. Built like a bike only without the wheels to bring them from one point to another, it helps maintain good cardiovascular health and low-impact strength training. It also helps pack-up one’s endurance level.

Elliptical Machines and Cross Trainers.

Another commonly revered equipment in many corporate gyms are elliptical machines and cross trainers. Both deliver needed improvement on cardiovascular health as well as in reducing strains to muscle and joints. It also helps burn unwanted fats and calories.
Treadmill. Of course, this one is a staple in most corporate gyms. This delivers excellent cardiovascular workout, endurance and strength to the legs and calf. Many work employees tend to favour the treadmill than risk getting mauled while walking in the park at dawn or at night.