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 Professional Fitness Insurance
Fitness Insurance cover offers protection for both the personal trainer offering fitness coaching through to business owner running a local fitness center. The need to get protected by insurance is becoming high demand because of the potential risk factors evident when one works in a fitness facility.

What are the common concerns of a fitness trainer and a fitness centre owner?
One of the common concerns of a fitness trainer and a fitness center owner is dealing with a third party claiming liability due to accidents that happened while under their care. Another growing issue that both parties need to look into is the Errors and Omissions coverage. For example, as a professional fitness trainer, you share some of your instructional video workout routine via social networking sites like Facebook to gain better exposure to your followers who might eventually seek your services. While following one of your instructional videos, a follower on Facebook suffered an injury and decides to pursue a legal claim. Although it would require a lot of evidence to prove you are in a way liable for this injury, you would need financial support to cover the professional fees of a legal representative to defend you. If you have Fitness Insurance covering Errors and Omissions, this wouldn’t be a problem.

What possible liability coverage can be included with your fitness insurance?

There are various fitness insurance products waiting for your final selection, regardless if you are a fitness trainer, instructor or an entrepreneur managing your newly opened local fitness center, here are the possible liability coverages that you can include as part of your fitness insurance policy:

  • Comprehensive liability coverage

This type of insurance coverage is designed to provide protection within the premises or while in operation of your fitness business to any future claims incurred from a workout routine or while inside the fitness facility.

  • Professional coverage

The protection coverage is focused for any physical harm or injury that occurred while offering your services as a professional fitness trainer or instructor.

  • Personal injury coverage

The general scope of the personal injury coverage is protection against any lawsuit that may arise related to a libel, slander case and a lot more that revolves around the invasion of privacy.

  • Tenants liability coverage

This is applicable to all fitness gym owners and trainers who are renting a fitness space to offer their services and the protection coverage is for a claim that may arise while using the facility.

  • Employer’s liability coverage

If you have a fitness facility and have hired a good number of workers and fitness employees, the employer’s liability coverage will provide protection from any claims that lead to an employee’s physical injury, sickness or worse, a fatality case.

  • Non-operational coverage

This type of protection coverage is ideal for both parties, the fitness trainer and business owner of a fitness facility, non-operational coverage that gives protection for any day you aren’t able to offer service or open the fitness facility.

These are just a few of many fitness insurance packages you could select or ask your friendly licensed insurance broker to give you a quote. Act fast and move forward in your business goals, whether you are a professional fitness trainer or a business owner wanting to increase your earnings, find the best Fitness Insurance policy now and learn more about the details on how you can protect your professional image and investment.

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