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Gym insurance Western Australia quoteIt’s spring cleaning time and gyms are no exception. At some point, your treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, multi-gym and other mechanical equipment will require much-needed TLC from a servicing company. Gym insurance Western Australia experts strongly recommend that apart from routine preventive maintenance and cleaning, period servicing from professionals in the field will help lengthen life expectancy of thousand-dollar gym equipment. Aside from safety, this move also addresses regulatory compliance.
 Service Company Coverage
Hiring a third-party servicing company, however, exposes your business to certain risks. This constitutes subcontracting and such activities is often not covered by your own liability insurance. To get all your bases covered, it is critical then to require a servicing company to hold adequate insurance coverage as a protective mechanism should untoward incident happened while servicing takes place. What may seem like routine jobs for these professionals can turn deadly with just a single move or push of a button mistake.
One best thing to require in a service company is to put your gym as a principal under its liability insurance. Years of working alongside them should now be safely tucked in a trustworthy relationship. Therefore, when an accident happen during servicing time, it will automatically be pointed to the third party contractor’s liability insurance and not directly to yours. Or if you wish, a liability insurance for your own gym business may stipulate coverage for subcontractors and other third-party services for full protection.
Being Prepared
Requiring subcontractor liability insurance or adding coverage for subcontractors in your own policy is a worthy cause of preparing for the unexpected. Even with zero incidents in the past, yearly review of your general liability insurance clause on subcontractors will ensure complete protection from any risks brought about by the hazards of handling mechanical equipment. Worker to worker claims can be a tad overwhelming as it can hamper flow of operation in your gym business. Keep in mind that you have a duty to ensure safety of everyone inside your premises and that includes contractors from a third-party servicing company.
A quick assessment with your insurance agent will also help clear out doubts on some of the legal jargons on your general liability policy. Cross-liability clauses and other waivers on a subcontractor’s policy must also be carefully analysed to ensure protection for your gym business. Indemnity clauses can vary and must be clearly delineated to clarify who will be made responsible should any untoward incident happen while servicing happens in your premises. At best, a trustworthy subcontractor adds you as part of the insured party.
Need help reviewing your current gym liability insurance policy? When it comes to Western Australia gym insurance, we offer vast selection of trustworthy insurers in the industry to aid in your unique needs. Call our hotline or drop us a note so we can look for ways to ensure welfare of your gym business.