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karate club insuranceWith the safety concerns in many fitness clubs, communities today are organising self-defence clubs to raise awareness and show techniques on how to defend against an attacker. Karate has spread to give others a chance to defend themselves. When thinking of starting a karate club for kids, it is important to know what potential members will look for. Aside from karate club insurance to protect club property and liability to instructors, the following aspects must also be taken into mind.
Instructors. You will need to hire qualified karate teachers. If you are focused on opening a karate club, the right teacher will make a lot of difference. They must also be accredited by an association and have earned his or her position.
CPR and First Aid. Do not just accept instructors or partners for their martial arts skill. You may have a safe karate club insurance policy handy, but knowing CPR and First Aid will help further risks. It cannot be helped that injuries and accidents can happen on the mat. Knowing how to address the situation right away will help save a lot of trouble later on.
Clean and Organized Facilities. Most parents are normally in contact with friends and colleagues and given a background on the club, however they will have to see for themselves if the facilities are well-maintained or the mats used are sanitised. Keep in mind that parents tend to scrutinise all the finer points of your facility including amenities like the toilet or shower room to ensure their kids wellbeing.
Security. While most acts of violence in the past years are isolated in Australia, security is another essential concern among members and parents to kids who wish to become part of the club. Arson, for instance, can be an offshoot of envy from a competing club. While your karate club insurance covers such damage, it is crucial to install CCTV cameras and other security regulations for everyone to abide.
Attitude. More than anything else, potential club members will look at your attitude, your partners’ and your staff. Demonstrate a trusting and informing attitude as much as possible to welcome everyone involved in the club’s operation.
Rewards and Fun. Consider organising annual competitions and seasonal fun. A karate club should not only focus on teaching martial arts alone but also in forging ties that bind all its members. Organise picnics for everyone to enhance camaraderie with each other. Outings to top clubs in the country to observe and partake in their training will also be great. Annual competition among members will also add more to the fun.
Karate Club Insurance. Of course, don’t forget to place a safety net for your club. Disaster, natural or man-made, can easily turn your hard earned efforts to ashes. A general liability insurance policy also helps to cover legal costs in the event of litigations. The key is to talk to an insurance broker who can help map out what your club needs.
When starting a karate club, it is important to put your feet in potential members’ shoes. This will help you understand what they need and can apply these aspects to your club to invite them in. Think karate club insurance, security and CPR/First Aid for safety; instructors and facilities for learning and fun events to improve camaraderie. When done properly, growing your club can be a breeze.
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