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Martial arts studio insurance | Gym Insurance HQWhat does it take to grow a mixed martial arts studio? What types of mixed martial arts studio insurance to purchase to protect your thriving business? Since its inception in the early 90s, MMA has continually fast-tracked into an uber-popular sport among many ring-fighting enthusiasts. With more than millions of fans based in UFC alone and hundreds of millions more across the globe via the Internet particularly on YouTube and social media, it truly has earned its mark as a full-contact combat sport. As a studio owner, what particular aspect of the business should you place your focus on to ensure its sustainable growth?


Keeping a thriving MMA studio, all starts with building a sound reputation. The number of studios had continually grown over the years and most of them have one solid system in place to ensure protection for their reputation. They provide the best training experience and equipment crucial in those training. They have top-rated coaches and trainers. They come protected with mixed martial arts studio insurance and other risk-mitigating systems as well as PR machinery to build up their names. It’s a tough competition out there and, often, the one leading the pack is the most prepared.

Power of Presence

Well, you don’t really have into MMA to be a studio owner. If you love sports but don’t have the capacity to fight is not a bad thing. However, it would be advantageous on your part to partner with a notable figure in the MMA world. Trainees and enthusiasts alike gravitate to studios with the “presence” of notable names in the sport itself. Be the studio think-tank instead but always be present to show support for the studio and the sport itself.

Hands On

Additionally, it is also essential to be a hands-on studio owner. You do not have to become complacent with safety and security just because your mixed martial arts studio insurance packages got you covered. In the dojo, spending time with trainees matters a whole lot in the motivation department. Give administrative tasks to your staff while focusing on optimising time spent with students who, by the way, are your clients.


Always be upbeat in communicating information to the members of the dojo, your staff, to potential members, and to the community where your dojo belongs. Keep them updated with schedules, changes and events. Connect with other studios, too. Building camaraderie will help widen your clout in the business. Also, have both online and offline marketing strategies in place.

Get MMA Studio Insurance

 MMA studios or dojos focus on building skills and techniques crucial in winning a fight. However, do not forget that as an owner of a facility, people involved in such intense combat activity often must succumb to injuries or, worst, fatality. Things can go wrong and it pays to have something to lean on when lawsuits and problems arise. Certain risks can put you in financial peril, but a mixed martial arts studio insurance policy will protect you and your dojo.

The fact is, growing your own MMA dojo is an ongoing effort. Aside from reputability, strong presence, good communication, and community presence, having a mixed martial arts studio insurance policy for protection from liabilities and lawsuits will be a wise decision. Let’s face it, not all MMA dojos are created equal. Make sure yours count on top of fighters’ cards.