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thump boxing instructor insurance AustraliaWho would have thought that women can get into the boxing groove to not just lose weight but also for self-defence? Over the years, women have continually infused themselves to a usually male-dominated fitness and sports arena such as kickboxing, CrossFit, boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, arm wrestling, Kung Fu and other martial art forms, and so on. More than losing weight or sculpting bodies, the need to strengthen themselves in the event of an assault or an attack has also become a major contention in today’s modern Australian women. Professional trainers, in their capacity to create effective training programmes that combine both aspects, are only too willing to get involved. Armed with their thump boxing instructor insurance and other relevant policy to protect their reputation, various programs are created such as thump boxing.
Thump Boxing Explained
Developed by Australian boxing-for-fitness trainer, Christian Marchegiani in the early Y2Ks, thump boxing has evolved into a fitness class tailored to make boxing workouts for a group of like-minded individuals more enjoyable and more effective while minimising risks of injury. When done correctly, it touches on various aspects in physical fitness including good cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance, coordination, stamina, and power. One of thump boxing’s usually taken for granted advantage is the most practical. Self-defence is something that women (and trainers, too!) need greatly today.
To professional trainers, being adept in thump boxing also opens a whole new world of multi-level fitness training. It does not only teach the principle of boxing but also various points on physical, mental, and physiological aspects. To be recognised as a thump boxing instructor, one also needs to go through rigorous training aimed to ensuring efficiency of workout programme, proper form and technique, and on how to build up reputation. The main idea is to train the trainers and provide consistent both aerobic and anaerobic improvements without sacrificing safety– perfect recipe for good self-defence in women.
Protect Your Profession
Not anyone can simply become a trainer for thump boxing. Qualified trainers must be certified and specifically trained to ensure a well-structured class. Specific training programmes and refresher courses are usually done on a quarterly or annual basis to keep touch on new developments in the fitness arena. When accredited, one is also indirectly required to have thump boxing instructor insurance as a safety net when training other interested individuals.