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Pilates Insurance Policy
Can’t make a decision whether to buy now the Pilates Insurance policy or postpone it? There are clear indicators that will tell you this is the perfect timing to buy the insurance policy now, rather than later and may include the following:

  1. Insurance premium rates are going down

One of the signs that will definitely entice you to buy a Pilates Insurance policy now is the insurance rates are going down and with your current financial status you are in a position ready to make that investment.

  1. Your business is highly exposed to unavoidable events

The right timing as to when you should buy the insurance could be dependent on your business needs as well as exposure to all kinds of unavoidable events that will lead to liability claims for example if a student enrolled in your Pilates class gets injured. Your situation right now as a personal Pilates trainer suggests you should purchase a comprehensive insurance policy that will keep you protected against any future third party liability claim.

  1. The law requires you to be covered with an insurance policy

If your profession deals with giving advice or recommendations to a bunch of students attending your Pilates classes, the law in your state may require you to be covered with an insurance policy to ensure you and your students are protected against any physical harm or damage while under your supervision as their instructor.

  1. Your current insurance policy is no longer giving you that protection coverage

As your profession grows, and business expands your insurance needs also expand at a rapid rate. If your current insurance policy can no longer give you that protection coverage you need when an unpredictable event like injury or property damage occurs, this is an indicator that you need to talk with your insurance company and ask for a more comprehensive Pilates Insurance policy that will stay in line with your current needs.

  1. You bought a mismatch insurance policy

Another growing concern that will compel you to discard your existing insurance policy is due to a mismatch policy that doesn’t meet all your needs. If you discover that the insurance policy you just bought isn’t the right policy for you, I suggest you confide this critical issue immediately with your licensed insurance company. Why? They are in the right position to give professional advice on this matter and recommend the best solution like an amendment of your current Pilates Insurance policy.

Additional tips and warning:

Don’t just buy an insurance policy because everyone in your Pilates instructing team bought their policies. Use them as a guide that will confirm that you should consider buying Pilates Insurance. If any of the above mentioned are present, contact a licensed insurance broker and discuss your insurance concerns.

Gym Insurance HQ can help you with all the Pilates Insurance needs you have to make sure that you are covered for any events that may occur. Call our friendly brokers in the office on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote and we will call you back. Make sure you are covered with Pilates Insurance that suits your needs and gives you peace of mind.