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Filing Physical Injury Claim
Physical injuries do happen even while doing your yoga class. If you want to know the entire process of filing an injury claim against your Yoga Insurance policy including the terms and conditions that will qualify you for such claim, take time reading this basic guide.

Step #1 – Read the entire protection coverage of your yoga insurance

This is the very first task you need to do before you make any decision, whether to file a claim or not, read the entire protection coverage of your insurance policy. Why? This will give you some time to refresh your memory on your legal rights as a policyholder, regardless you are to be blamed of the accident causing your personal injury. Ask the following questions while reading your insurance policy:

  • Does your coverage extend to the type of injury you have like accidental slip or fall.

  • How severe is your injury?

Once you have derived the relevant answers to your questions, move to the next task.

Step #2 – Determine if you need a legal assistance

There are instances where a physical injury claim would require the representation of an attorney. Again, it would be best if you assess your concerns and if you aren’t in a good position to determine whether your physical injury claim is valid or not, better seek the professional services of a legal representative to get a solid advice on this critical issue.

Step #3 – Make a direct action, either file or not file

Once you managed to meet a reputable attorney and discussed the legalities of the personal injury claim, the final decision still depends on you, whether to proceed with a lawsuit or not. I’m sure by this time you and your attorney have come to terms which is the best option. In the event your attorney advised a settlement is the ideal route to undergo against the third party liable for your injury, complete the necessary action. You can start by gathering enough information about the third party’s name, insurance company and his or her insurance policy coverage.

Additional tips and warnings:

Filing a physical injury claim could be less complicated if the yoga instructor is completely covered with a dependable Yoga Insurance policy. In the event, you are unsure on what to do or what is expected from you after the accident, call the instructor or fitness centre immediately. Remember, there are various injuries that will be covered under the yoga insurance policy and depending on the severity of your injury or physical harm, it will all depend on the liability of the fitness centre or yoga instructor and who is deemed at fault to ensure you get the support you need for medical bills and follow up check-ups.

If you are a Yoga Instructor then you need a good Yoga Insurance Policy to protect you against liability if someone does incur and injury and files a physical injury claim against you. The friendly team at Gym Insurance HQ are here to help you with finding the best Yoga Insurance products to suit your needs and give you peace of mind should you need to make a claim or there is a claim filed against you. Call our friendly team today on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote and we will call you back.