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Liability insurance for F45 gymsWhat do Hugh Jackman, Joel Madden, Kate McGrath, Firass Dirani and Ricky Martin have in common? F45, a group fitness program focused on High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT—all done in 45 minutes. A growing fitness trend in Australia, it is due to open yet hundreds of franchises across the region with the purpose of bringing celebrity madness mainstream, all for the love of losing weight, getting fit, and getting strong. In the flurry of cashing into this new trend, what sets of action must you do to ensure the success of your franchise and why having an F45 gym insurance policy helps buff up your reputability?

Gym Market Saturation

For people who want to develop Wolverine’s physique or get a booty like Beyonce or Nicole Richie’s slight but strong frame, going to a nearby F45 gym is the solution. For three straight years in a row, the fitness training sensation continues its onslaught in the Australian market as more and more celebrities join in the fray. It makes no one wonder then why in a matter of two years and a half, the number of franchisees in the country has tripled in number.

Before you open one and stake out a much-needed F45 gym insurance prior to opening shop, it is important to note that Australia’s gym market is considered to be one of the country’s constantly booming sectors. According to IBIS World, an estimate of more or less 4,000 gyms had been operating in the region generating more than $1 billion of revenues. From the looks of it, this country’s gym market seemed to be largely saturated.

Full Throttle Reputation Building

With the plan to open a new F45 gym on your own, you’ll be grinding with established names in the market and finding your niche by building a reputation needs a lot of help.

Your first line of offense should be your trainers and staff. If you are a trainer yourself, building a customer-centric approach will earn you big in the reputation department. Customer service must not only be good but must be unparalleled. Look at what F45 clients’ needs by checking on various complaints lodged online. Build your gym’s strength like excellent facilities and equipment plus top-rated trainers while ensuring certain weaknesses like schedule restrictions must be addressed upon. Building member referrals is a matter of making a current member feels so great each time they’re at the gym that they tag people along with them.

Get into the social marketing groove. Fitness centers and gyms as well as health clubs use social media to attract prospects but also to ensure continued engagement with current members. You can do a sneak-peek or a short live video training workout as a teaser, organize contests like free 1-month membership, do crowdsourcing for ideas, and promote discounts or special gym membership offers.

Don’t forget F45 gym insurance. A reputable gym is not one without any liability claims. It’s a cutthroat competition out there. At some point, another gym may want to ruin your thunder leaving you with liability claims. The key is to keep your gym’s standard practices solid and find an insurance policy that covers all your bases including PR. Starting an F45 franchise is no walk in the park, but it will still be worth it when you know precisely what buttons to push.