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Online Fitness Australia Insurance Alternative So, you want to make your Pilates class soar higher than before and looked for a more comprehensive fitness Australia insurance alternative online. You call our hotline after receiving three quotes from trusted gym and fitness insurers in the country. Now what? Armed with a new comprehensive policy, it is high time to amplify your marketing plan to increase your clout in a rather fierce fitness industry. Where to start?
When crafting a thriving Pilates program, it is wise to have a solid marketing plan ready. No matter how airtight your Australia alternative fitness insurance or how effective your classes, all these are for nothing when interested clients don’t know about you. To get you started, here are some ways to rev up your Pilates program:

  • Always start with your staff. People will have questions and some may be routed to your office secretary or an admin staff. See to it that these individuals know the basics of Pilates, what type of program your studio is offering, and can answer questions or at the very least, know how to properly escalate queries from potential clients. In short, keep them oriented to the ins and outs of your Pilates class
  • Keep your members updated. A good website and social media page will help create a convenient way to connect with your students. Many Pilates instructors nowadays maintain good online presence. This is done on top of printing posters and distributing flyers in various “hotspots” in your locality. Building open communication will help augment word-of-mouth marketing leading to more interest on your Pilates program.
  • Network, network. Grow your client base by simply meeting people. For instance, you may want to give a pitch in companies to give employees an option to enrol in Pilates instead of so-so gym classes. Look for civic organisation, cause-oriented groups, and other points of interest in your locality. Feel free to conduct free demos or offer free limited sessions enough to pique their interest.
  • Offer a group or specialty class. Penetrate the “BFF” market. May post-natal Moms or a group of distance runners or young senior citizens may want more meaningful fitness experience. Creating a specialty class to cater to their interest will go a long way.
  • Create an upbeat rewards program. Even when the point is to grow your client base, keeping your old members interested must also be a priority. Create premium cards allowing them certain perks. Give away freebies. Have a referral program by offering free incentives like a free pass to a week of Pilates session. Doing so will give them a sense of belonging to their own tribe in your Pilates class.
  • If you belong to a group of wellness community in the area, consider cross-promotional tactics. Look for a gym that offers Zumba, weightlifting or pole dancing. Explain carefully how Pilates can improve not just core control but also proper form and technique. Reaching out to other wellness instructor and studios in the area will also make the whole fitness community cohesively working together.