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From dumbbells to barbells, kettlebells slamballs, ironwear, BOSU ball and suspension trainers, the gym fitness industry once again welcomes a new addition to its fold– the RMT Club. Creation of the WeckMethod, functional strength and conditioning gym insurance specialists have noticed its growing popularity among gyms and similar fitness facilities. This new breakthrough in fitness equipment, however, can be both a benefit and a nuisance to gym-goers, owners and trainers alike.

functional strenth and conditioning gym insurance

The Perks

 A unique fitness tool that’s popular in the US, it reaches the Australian shorelines shortly thereafter and has proven to be excellent equipment for functional strength and conditioning training. Whether you are out to simply lose weight or training as an elite athlete preparing for a huge sporting event, the RMT club offers a new spin that many gym members will love to experience. It pumps up not just power, endurance and coordination but also in enhancing core stability.
The main idea of using this tool revolves around David Weck’s Rotational Movement Training wherein functional exercises are deeply focused on stability, balance, and strength to deliver more profound results in terms of mobility, athletic prowess, injury prevention and overall fitness requirements. Like usual strength equipment, the RMT club is built to withstand hard swings and slams. Though known to be effective, one needs to learn how it can be used properly to prevent injuries and/or unnecessary accidents inside your facility– something that every gym owner must keep in mind.

The Challenges

Speaking of challenges, the RMT club is not just any piece of training equipment that one can easily handle though. Created to help someone overcome certain deficiencies during workouts and perceived to improve results from doing squats, deadlifts, bench presses and such, the club extends one’s usual limited range of motion common in handling other strength tools like kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. Lighter and handier, it prevents trainees from bleeding power when rotating or when shifting weight. In a way, this tool allows them to push their psoas and hip flexors just when they need them.

This, however, poses a huge challenge to newbies. According to functional strength and conditioning gym insurance Australia specialists, many gym members lamented the need for trainers to be certified in the training method before being able to throw said regimen to their workout menu. Other strength tools, though limited in effects, can be handled with ease and without much requirements. With this one, registering for training on the Weck Method to get certified must be considered to ensure safety during training– something that many trainers don’t have the luxury and gym owners, too, for their added expense.

The bottom line is:

With the growing popularity of the RMT club sweeping gyms across Australia, it is wise decision for gym owners to have their trainers certified. This useful tool can be bought with ease online and discounts may even be offered when bought in bulk. Being prudent should be part of the package though. Get your trainers and facility covered. Feel free to contact us or send a request for a functional strength and conditioning gym insurance online quote now.